Aug 21, 2006

The six-man group Shinhwa, currently on an Asian tour, has held a successful concert in Bangkok, Thailand, following performances in China. The group held its first Thai concert on Friday at the Impact Arena, where many world-famous artists, including Korean singer Rain, have performed.

Shinhwa began the concert with the song “Perfect Man” from its fifth album and captivated the audience throughout the two-hour concert with its outstanding dancing and singing abilities. It performed all its hit songs from its eight-year career since its debut in 1998, including “Wild Eyes,” “I Pray 4 U,” “Hey, Come On,” “Once in a Lifetime,” and “How Do I Say.”

The audience welcomed the group by holding cheering pickets written in Korean as well as English and Thai. They also brought other objects such as balloons to express their enthusiasm. During the course of the concert, Shinhwa expressed their gratitude in broken Thai, to which the audience responded with deafening cheers and applause.

Lee Min-woo and Shin Hye-sung, two members who are also successfully working as solo artists, gave solo performances as part of the concert. Lee performed his solo hit song “Bump” accompanied by dynamic dance moves, and Shin displayed his outstanding singing ability by singing “Ditto.”

After the concert, a birthday party for Jun Jin was held onstage. The other members prepared a cake for him and sang a birthday song together with the audience. At the suggestion of the other members, the audience also gave Jun a thundering cheer, shouting “Happy birthday to you.”

“Thank you very much and I love you,” Jun responded to the audience. “I am thrilled to be with the other members here on my birthday.”

The group members also tried their parts to please the audience. Jun and Andy each picked up a doll among gifts the fans had placed on the stage even before the concert had started, and faced each other while singing “You’re My Everything.” Near the end of the concert, Kim Dong-wan picked up a pair of underwear and pretended to put it on and then take it off, evoking laughter from the audience.

Eric was welcomed a little more enthusiastically than the other members because he is quite popular in Thailand due to his role in the dramas “Rookie” and “Phoenix.” Whenever Eric rapped, he evoked loud cheers from the audience.

As a special event for Thai fans, Shinhwa released a music video for “Throw My Fist,” the title song of its recently-released Japanese album.

But the poor acoustics of the facility posed a minor problem. “The acoustics were not so good, but the audience’s response was great enough to make up for that,” Lee said.

Shinhwa will wrap up its tour after concerts in Singapore on Sept. 10, Tokyo on Sept. 24 and Osaka on Sept. 26.