8/18/06 – Shin Sung Woo (38) and Won Tae Hee (원태희) will costar with Eric in the Wednesday-Thursday drama “Invincible Parachute Personnel (무적의 낙하산 요원)” scheduled to be aired by SBS on 9/6 following the final episode of “Come Back Miss Soon Ae”. 

SSW plays the role Kang Eun Hyuk (강은혁) who is an elite senior secret agent constantly opposing to the new agent Choi Kang (최강) played by Eric.  On 8/17, SSW ties his long hair and has photo shoots for the drama title at SBS Ilsan production center at Kyunggido.  A representative of the production team states, “Shin Sung Woo demonstrates a calm secret agent filled with confidence during the filming today.”  Actress Yoon Ji Min (윤지민) plays the role Ellis (엘리스) who is SSW’s role Kang Eun Hyuk’s partner in this drama.  Won Tae Hee plays the role Lee Joo Bin (이주빈) who is a genius good at hacking into internet.  WTH’s latest projects include “Dr. Gang (MBC)” and a music video for singer ILAC.