Park Jung Ah Vol. 1 – Yeah (August 26)
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01. My time
02. Eventually…love (Featuring Jeon Jae-Duk)
03. Yeah…
04. Stop the tears
05. Fly Away
06. D-day (A day more)
07. Don’t let me go
08. Beautiful today
09. Don’t do this
10. Might get weak
11. You’re my friend

Park Jung-Ah dreams of a new form of music that is mixed with beautiful greed and great passion. Her very own shadow music…and she has come this far… She is one of the members from a girl band called ‘Jewelry’. They have made hit songs like: ‘I really like you’, ‘Superstar’ and so forth. Jewelry has become one of the most well known female group bands in Korea. Park Jung-Ah is in the spot light for her refreshing solmization and voice, as well as her tough image. This is her first solo album of which she dreamed of for a long time. She wanted and wished to sing her own style of music. News of her first solo album has been gaining much interest from people even before it was released. – credits to purpletiger86

Brown Eyed Girls Vol. 1 – Your Story (repack) (August 26)
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This version have 2 CDs. The 2nd CD contains the current hit song "Hold The Line" with Cho PD.

Sol Flower – Fantastic Story (August 28)
Elena Vol. 1 – Say Hello To Every Summer (August 28)
Jo Mi Hye Vol. 1 – Teenage Superstar (August 29)
BigBang Vol. 1 – BigBang (CD + DVD) (August 29)
H-Eugene Vol. 1 – Only One Way (August 29)
015B Vol. 7 – Lucky 7 (August 29)
YG 10th Anniversary Album (August 31)

Paran Vol. 2 – Beyond The Blue Sky (August 31)
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01. With PARAN-Y
02. Five steps
03. My heart is beating inside me
04. Silly Love Song…
07. Juli@
09. There’s no more person like that
10. Excited
11. Ka Mo Mil Leh (Bonus Track)

Paran has already gained many fans do to their great live performances and appearance. They can be differentiated between most dance groups because of their music abilities. Their title song is called ‘Five steps’. The best gift they got was having the opportunity to work with Usher’s music team ‘Gary Haase’. We are looking forward to seeing them as a global group that will be well known all over the world. Danny Ahn and Kim Tae-Woo from G.O.D., Hwang Sung-Jae, Shin Min-Ohk, P.J. and so forth have participated in their album. Paran is going show their fans a more precocious music and a new image that will show a different color of them. They will become the idol group that will write a new history in the music industry. – credits to purpletiger86

Sources: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung

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