Our featured artist this week is an unfamiliar face to most people just by mentioning his name – Ha Dong Kyun. But when we were told that he was a former member of the R&B group Wanted, a lot more people recognized him. So, he is not excatly a brand new artist. Ha Dong Kyun made his solo debut 2 months ago. He caught our attention as his album was selling very well, and his title song "그녀를사랑해줘요" (Please Love Her) was also moving up the music charts very fast, without appearing on any gayo shows to promote the song. Last month, he started to come out to promote his album, and the song "그녀를사랑해줘요" (Please Love Her) reached No. 1 for 2 weeks on our chart. That is an exceptional accomplishment considered that this is his first album, and also Wanted was not even as popular then as Ha Dong Kyun is now. Let’s find out more about him:

Date of birth : June 28th, 1980
Physique : 175cm, 63kg
Religion : Christianity
Hobbies : Listening to music, driving, computer games

Ha Dong Gyun was previously a member of Wanted, a band that debuted in 2004. Thanks to his good looks and deep voice, Ha Dong Gyun has won over many fans even before his official solo debut. The song "Always", used in the OST of a television series, gave Ha instant popularity.
Only 2 months after the release of its album, Wanted held a sold-out concert for 1000 fans. On the way home from the concert, an unfortunate traffic accident took away the life of one of the band members and caused injury to the rest of the members. Two years since the accident, Ha has returned to the local music scene with a solo album.

Stand Alone (1st album, 2006) : Please Love Her, Far Away, Reincarnation, To Love, In the Bar, Hot – Time Lover, One Fine Day
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