Aug 28, 2006

Japanese fans of actor Bae Yong-jun will throw a birthday party for their favorite hallyu star August 28 at the Capital Tokyo Hotel in Tokyo.

Held on the eve of Bae’s 34th birthday, the party will be attended by some 400 Japanese fans, with events including the donation of a platinum ring featuring Bae’s initials. Bae himself will be unable to attend the event due to his busy schedule.

The actor visited Japan during his previous birthday to attend the premiere of his latest movie “April Snow,” but this year he has to stay in Korea to film the upcoming TV epic drama “Taewangsashingi.”

Bae’s agency, BOF, said the actor will spend his birthday quietly, as he did last year, because he has been busy filming the drama.

Bae has also had his hands full doing business in Korea and abroad. Last month, he attended the opening of his traditional Korean restaurant “Goshire” in Tokyo.

The fantasy epic drama ”Taewangsashingi” will premiere in Korea early next year.

Source: KBS Global