Sept 1, 2006

An album containing a song written by Korean singer and producer Park Jin-young has made it to the Billboard chart.

Park wrote the song “When Your Body is Talking” for American R&B singer Cassie’s debut album, which ranked fourth on the chart on August 16. The album has come in 14th on this week’s chart and occupies the 33rd place on next week’s chart.

“When Your Body is Talking” is contained as a bonus track in the albums, which are sold through the largest U.S. distribution chain, Circuit City. Park’s company JYP Entertainment said, “Album distributor Warner Music put Park’s song on recordings that are sold at a specific distribution chain as a way to promote the album. Such a marketing strategy is common in the U.S.”

Other albums carrying Park’s songs also made it to the Billboard chart previously. Mase’s album “Welcome Back” contained Park’s song “The Love That You Need” and ranked fourth on the chart in September, 2004. Park’s song “I Wish I Made That” was carried on Will Smith’s album “Lost and Found,” which took sixth place on the music chart in April this year.

Pop star and producer P Diddy, Harvard-graduate producer Ryan Leslie, and singer Beyonce took part in the production of Cassie’s album. The U.S. community portal site is being used as a channel for promoting the album.

JYP Entertainment said the album’s ranking on the Billboard chart means that Park has consolidated his status as a successful Asian producer in the U.S.

“Park and P Diddy maintain their friendship and are stilling working together after singer Rain’s concert at Madison Square Garden in New York. P Diddy and Ryan Leslie are strong candidates for major partners of a U.S affiliate of JYP Entertainment. Details on establishing a U.S affiliate will be finalized by late this month,” the company added.

Source: KBS Global