Aug 31, 2006

The ‘Seoul Drama Awards’ closed its curtains with China’s ‘House of Qiao, Legend of Shanxi Merchant’ winning the Best Drama Series Award and Korea’s ‘My Lovely Sam-Soon’ the Best Mini Series Award.

Aiming to becoming the Korean Emmy Awards, the ‘Seoul Drama Awards’ set off at 8pm on the 29th at the KBS Hall with Hwang Soo Gyeong, Han Seok Jun, and Ryu Shi Won as the hosts and KBS 2TV broadcasting the scenery live.

With the opening stage of the Samsung Dance Company and B-Boys, the awards began with the Mini Series division.

The Korean drama ‘My Lovely Sam-Soon’ was the first to receive an award at the ‘Seoul Drama Awards’ followed by the Best Cinematographer Award which went to Kim Seung Hwan of ‘The Emperor of the Sea’ and the Best Music Director Award received by Iwashira Taro of ‘The Violin.’

Amongst the 16 awards presented throughout the evening, Korea also received the Best Art Director Award presented to Min Eon Ohk of ‘Princess Hours,’ a Special Award presented to ‘Saeya Saeya ,’ along with the runner-up to the Best Drama Award, ‘The Emperor of the Sea.’

‘The Violin,’ which tells the story of the Korean violin maker Jin Chang Hyeon who is considered Asia’s Stradivarius and immigrated to Japan after the war, acted by SMAP member Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, won the Best Music Director Award along with the Best Short Drama Award.

With two parts to the event, the first ended with a performance of the Hallyu star and singer Se7en and the second with a collaboration stage of a collection of Hallyu Drama theme songs.

The first ever ‘Seoul Drama Awards’ ended with the Best Drama Series Award going to China’s ‘House of Qiao, Legend of Shanxi Merchant’ and amidst a Korean traditional song (Namdo Bae Song) performed by Ahn Sook Seon.

The awardees for the ‘Seoul Drama Awards’ are as follows:

Best Mini Series Award
Runner-up: ‘Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World’ (Japan), ‘Watch for Happiness’ (China)
Winner: ‘My Lovely Sam-Soon’ (Korea)
Best Cinematographer Award: Kim Seung Hwan (‘Emperor of the Sea’/Korea)
Best Music Director Award: Iwashiro Taro (‘The Violin’/Japan)
Best Art Director Award: Min Eon Ohk (‘Princess Hours’/Korea)
Best Writer Award: Patrick Bucley (‘Remember When: Family Portrait’/Spain)
Best Director Award: Ishimaru Akihiko (‘Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World’/Japan)
Best Short Drama Award
Runner-up: ‘What Shall We Expect Tomorrow’ (Netherland)
Winner: ‘The Violin’ (Japan)
Special Award
‘Saeya Saeya ‘ (Korean)
‘Hold Slipper for Hamdani’ (Indonesia)
‘White Walls’ (Israel)
Best Actor Award: Michael Therriault (‘Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story’/Canada)
Best Actress Award: Yuan Lu (‘Watch for Happiness’/China)
Best Drama Series Award
Runner-up: ‘The Emperor of the Sea’ (Korea)
Winner: ‘House of Qiao, Legend of the Shanxi Merchant’ (China)


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