9/4/06 – Kim Yoo Mi (김유미) and Yoon Sang Hyun (윤상현) will costar with Yoo Sun, Moon Jung Hee, and Lee Hyun Woo (유선, 문정희, 이현우) in the Monday-Tuesday 16-episode drama “Common Single (독신천하)” scheduled to be aired by SBS on 9/25 following the final episode of “Stranger Than Paradise”.

This light-hearted comical drama portrays the realistic and straightforward attitude of love taken by the men and women of this generation. The PD is Kim Jin Geun (김진근) whose previous work was “Green Rose”.

KYM plays the role Nam Jung Won (남정완) who is the only daughter of a rich realtor. Although Jung Won is a drama script writer, she always lives in red-ink. Her straightforward personality hurts people’s feelings. YSH plays the role Yoon Ji Hyun (윤지헌) who is a humorous and rich owner of a top-class sports center and likes to flirt with many women, a typical single in his 30s with financial power called “Mr. Gold”. Ji Hyun has never loved a woman and holds a rule that he absolutely wouldn’t get married. After Jung Won and Ji Hyun meet each other, they undergo bumper-to-bumper confusions. KYM’s previous drama was “Pearl Necklace (KBS)”. YSH’s recent drama was “Exhibition of Fireworks (MBC)”.