Big Bang – Big Bang Single (released)

5 guys 1 sound – Big Bang. K-pop’s new idol group consists of the members G-Dragon, Tae Young, Sung Ri, Tae Seong, and T.O.P. Belonging to the YG Entertainment label, they cannot only sing in harmony, but also possess song writing, composing and music arrangement abilities. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the band members were responsible for the composition of their debut single. Bandleader, G-Dragon composed the principal track We belong together, while he and other group member T.O.P. were equally involved in the song’s lyrics. It presents a rhythmic up-tempo tune with rap passages. As for the song This Love, it can be traced back to the same-titled smash hit by American rock group Maroon 5 with G-Dragon being responsible for the new version’s composition, lyrics and music arrangement. – credits to YesAsia

Syndrome OST (September 4)
Brown Hood – The Gotham City (September 4)

Bae Chi Gi Vol. 2 – 마이동풍(馬耳東風) (September 4)
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BaeChiGi started off as an underground artist way back in 1999. They have received much love from their fans during that period and debuted in 2005 with their first debut album (Giant) with their title song ‘Nice to meet you’. They have returned after a year and six months with their second album ‘My Dong-Poong’. There are a total of 16 tracks in this album and the title song ‘My Dong-Poong’ is about other’s opinions and advices that are not being heard and flushed away by people. The album is filled with their assertive music and passion. For this album, BaeChiGi wrote the lyrics to their whole album and also participated in producing their own music. Producers like MC Sniper and MJ (Myung-Jae from Stony Skunk) has participated in producing some of their songs. – credits to purpletiger86

Siberian Husky – Water Ball (September 5)

Sun Min ThanX Hye Sung (September 5)

After climbing up the Oricon charts through her team-up with Japan’s R&B singer Kubota Toshinobu (the released the song under the name SunMin thanX Kubota) for the theme song Keep Holding U of the silver screen blockbuster Sinking of Japan, SunMin collaborates with Hyesung. K-pop’s new female singer was earlier involved in the original soundtrack of the thriller Bystanders a.k.a., Diary of June. Now she returns with the Korean version of Keep Holding You, this time collaborating with vocalist Hyesung from the popular band Shinhwa to form the duo SunMin ThanX Hyesung). The said song presents a touching ballad with beautiful lyrics. Also included on this release is SunMin’s solo effort "Only You and Me" (Track 2). – credits to YesAsia

The Name Vol. 2 – 2nd Chance To Fly (September 5)
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“The soul master has returned”. Who could have forgotten the movie-like MV featuring Tony Leung of Hong Kong, Jun Do Hyun and Ryu Seung Bum of Korea. In 2002, The NAME had released his first album (The First Scene of The Name) and debuted in the music industry by receiving the name ‘the 2nd Brown Eyes’. He has returned to his fans after four long years with his 2nd album, ‘Second Chance To Fly’. The NAME’s second album has a medium and minor R&B with a touch of hip hop R&B. And the first track ‘This is me’ is sung in a cappella. The album is filled with a variety of colors to bring his fans the passion of music. Producer Jo Young-Soo (worked with SG Wannabe, Kim Jong-Gook…etc) has become the producer for this album. Songwriter Yoon Sa-Ra, Ahn Young-Mi…, Dynamic Duo, Hip Hop group ‘All Black’ and so forth has participated in this album. Great musicians like Ham Choon-Ho and Hong Joon-Ho (Guitar), Shin Hyun-Kwon (Base), Kang Soo-Ho (Drum), Kil Eun-Kyung (Keyboard), Ha-Lim (Harmonica) and so forth has come together to make the music enjoyable for the fans. As much as it was delayed, he wants to show more of what he is capable in doing for his fans. A more variety and change along with a mature appearance. – credits to purpletiger86

Hooligan Vol. 3 – Hello Monday (September 5)
Sun Vol. 1 – Sweetheart (September 5)
Tama Vol. 1 – 11 Songs of Love (September 5)
Shin Sung Woo – 조우: Best Edition (September 6)

YG 10th Anniversary Special Album – YG 10th (September 6)
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YG Entertainment that includes such high-caliber artists as 1tym, Jinusean, Big Mama, Lexy, and Se7en invites music lovers to YG Family 10th Anniversary Special Album. Known for its addictive hip-hop sounds as much as for its unique R&B style songs, the YG Family music franchise has turned into a solid success story. This 2-CD combo serves nostalgic classics from the beginnings of the YG Family in 1996 to the more recent favorites from the extremely successful label that has helped to bring to life such trademark artists as Gummy and Wheesung. Featuring 32 songs, YG Family 10th Anniversary Special Album promises to keep listeners immersed in addictive rhythms from start to finish. – credits to YesAsia

Baek Do San Vol. 4 – Savage of Violence (September 7)
Pure 19 (KBS Drama) OST (September 7)
Innerstorm – All The Things We’ve Lost (September 7)
P-Type – Soul Fire (September 7)
Jang Ri In – Timeless (September 8)

Source: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung

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