Sept 6, 2006

One Japanese fan of actor Bae Yong-jun says the actor looked his best in the teaser of his upcoming epic drama "Taewangsasingi," whose filming set on Jeju Island was attended by a group of Japanese fans September 5.

Some 130 Japanese fans arrived on the drama’s filming set in five tourist buses, and were excited to see the footage of the drama’s teaser prior to touring the set.

They were also lucky to see the shooting of a scene showing the young King Gwanggaeto.

A person from JAM Tour, the organizer of the event, said the director of the drama gave his permission to Japanese fans to see the drama’s first shoot.

But after touring the set for about an hour the guests looked gloomy because the filming set had yet to be completed and they considered the scene they witnessed to be too short. Moreover, they had no chance to see Bae himself.

Nonetheless, the Japanese fans said they are willing to visit Jeju Island again if they have the opportunity to see Bae there.

A person from JAM Tour said the company never promised that the Japanese fans would see either Bae or the entire filming process of the drama when it announced the event, and expressed his regret that Bae was not supposed to shoot the drama that day.

JAM Tour has received reservations from some 5,000 Japanese women and plans to have invited 30,000 fans by February 28, when the drama’s filming ends.

"Taewangsasingi," directed by Kim Jong-hak and written by Song Ji-na, is the story of King Gwanggaeto of the Goguryeo period.

Source: KBS Global