Sept 7, 2006

The five-man groups TVXQ and Buzz will represent Korea in the 3rd Asia Song Festival scheduled to be held on Sept. 22 in Gwangju, according to the Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange.

TVXQ has gained significant popularity in Asia by performing in Japan, China, Thailand, and Malaysia, and Buzz has enjoyed success in the domestic niche music market and expanded its performances to Japan.

The festival will also feature female singer Kumi Koda and five-man group Arashi from Japan, Sun Nan from China, Kelly Chan from Hong Kong, Katreeya English from Thailand, Ho Quynh Huong from Vietnam, and Kitchie Nadal from the Philippines.

The festival has been established as a pan-Asia event bringing together top Asian singers. Sponsored by the Culture and Tourism Ministry, Gwangju City, and the Korea Tourism Organization, it will showcase 12 music groups from nine Asian nations this year.

Last year, the festival was held as part of the events marking the APEC forum in Busan and featured 12 music teams from seven Asian nations, including Korean singers TVXQ, Jang Na-ra, and Lee Jung-hyun, Japanese singers Maki Goto, and Taiwanese singer Su Yupeng.

Source: KBS Global