Jang Ri In – Timeless (released)

SM Entertainment unleashes its secret weapon! Hailed as the next BoA, 16-year-old Zhang Li Yin has been training for three years for her debut. The newcomer, a native of Sichuan, China, was discovered when she was only 13 years old. With the support of the entire SM family, Zhang Li Yin is set to become the next biggest star in Asia. Showing amazing vocal talent for her age, Zhang Li Yin has already scored a huge success with her debut single Timeless, an R&B duet with Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Xiah Jun Su. Released online in Korea, China, Thailand, Taiwan, and Hong Kong on August 31, Timeless was downloaded by 500,000 people in just one day! In addition, the all-star music video for Timeless features Super Junior’s Si Won and Hang Kyung and Lee Yeon Hee from A Millionaire’s First Love. – credits to YesAsia

See Ya + Brown Eyed Girls (single) – To My Lover (September 12)

Jeonji, a.k.a., Kim Jeonji from the trio See Ya and Je A from Brown Eyed Girls have teamed-up to send music lovers a special treat. The two talented girls both helped to release their bands’ debut albums Scent of A Woman and Your Story, respectively this year. See Ya released such hits as "Shoes" and "Minchin’s Love Song" (an inserted song for the KBS drama Invisible Man Choi Jang Soo), while Brown Eyed Girls landed the summer hit Hold The Line. For this time’s dream single project, To My Lover Jeonji and Je A were ably backed up by composer Ju Young Soo who earlier worked on top hits like SG Wannabe’s "Glow" and Kim Jung Kook?s "On-the-spot March". Last but not least, their music project was furthermore strengthened by Min Myeong Ki among whose better-known compositions are Gavy NJ’s Happiness and SG Wannabe’s Wedding. – credits to YesAsia

Park Ki Young Vol. 6 – Bohemian (September 12)
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Returning with a light-weighted heart, Park Ki-Young has come back with a perfect pop album. Park Ki-Young is going to sing a song of how to cure the pains of a joyous love.

Last Love, Blue Sky, Start, Stroll, Butterfly…Till this day, Park Ki-Young has come along this far singing rock music as a song writer and a vocalist. This time, she is back with a smooth and light pop album. For this album, a lot of string instruments (viola, violin, cello) had been used to make an affluent sound and melody. Park Ki-Young will be singing with a breath-like voice unlike her recent music style. Just like her titled album ‘Bohemian’, the audience will be able to hear the natural style of her voice. For this album, Park Ki-Young’s W: Bae Young-Joon, Kim Sang-Hoon, Loveholic’s Lee Jae-Hak, Kang Hyun-Min and Lee Seung-Yeul, as well as Jeon Hae-Sung, Yoo Jung-Yeon, Jeon Young-Ho and many more artists and professional lyric writers have participated in this perfect pop album. Her title song ‘Because of you’ is about her personal and painful experience of breaking up with her lover 20 years ago. It’s a duet song with Alex (from Clazziquai). Getting closer to the wedding day, giving the wonderful love in the world as a gift…This album is like bohemian. Already explained above, Park Ki-Young is returning with a light-weight heart, singing a song of curing the pains of a joyous love. – credits to purpletiger86

Lee Seung Ki remake album – When A Man Loves A Woman (September 12)
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‘When a man loves a woman’: this spring, this man’s love with make you cry! Having all the older sisters shaken up by singing his big hit song from his first album ‘Because you are my woman’, our younger brother had come out with a more matured appearance in February singing ‘Words that are hard to say’ from his 2nd album. Lee Seung-Gi is the man that grabbed the love of all his Korean female fans with his singing. That same man is coming back this spring of 2006 with a special album becoming a real man that will be singing a painful love song to us. This spring, Lee Seung-Gi has fallen in love.

We will be able to feel Lee Seung-Gi’s manly charm while he sings ten painful love songs that were sung by famous female artists. The release of this remake album will be different from all the other remake albums. It’s because all the songs that he’ll be remaking is by female artists. Not only will the women feel the painful love through Lee Seung-Gi’s singing, but also the men will also feel the pain and emotions through his singing too. In order to sing these sad songs with great emotion, he has practiced as if he was actually experiencing a painful love. He filled up this album with his sad voice singing about a man’s feelings of a broken heart/love. Lee Seung-Gi’s different appearance…Lee So-Ra’s song ‘Please’ is going to be his title song. His music video is going to be directed by Cha Eun-Taek. He’s showing us his great acting skills in the drama ‘Rumored Chil Princesses’. We will be able to see his acting for this music video as well. – credits to purpletiger86

Son Ho Young Vol. 1 – Yes (September 14)
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Making a comeback as a musician: Son Ho-Young’s first album “YES”. Being a member of one of the famous Korean group band “G.O.D.”, Son Ho-Young has returned with his own solo album. His first album is going to show his innocent appearance and great singing abilities. Park Sun-Joo is the producer for his album and Son Ho-Young also participated in his own album as a creative producer. He wrote the lyrics and produced one of the songs in his album called ‘Happy Virus’. He has already gained many fans by writing the lyrics for the tracks in his album like ‘Love brings break-up’, ‘Propose’…etc. His title song is ‘Cries’. He sung this song in a 3rd octave. It has a very emotional melody and standard vocal. His song is already getting good reviews for this fall. The lyrics are about forgetting love and of a man who is in pain while thinking of the memories of when he loved. This is a nice ballad song with great melody created by string instruments. ‘YES’ is a medium tempo and funky dance track. We will see a funky and visual-like image through this track. – credits to purpletiger86

Jang Woo Hyuk Vol. 2 (September 14)
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First with H.O.T. and then jtL, Jang Woo Hyuk became one of the most popular young singers in the country, combining exciting dance numbers with his rapping skills. NOw, a little over a year after his solo debut, he’s finally back with another dose of adrenaline-filled, Jang Woo Hyuk-style sound. Participating in this second album are movie star-cum-MC and singer Tak Jae Hoon, Jung In formerly of Leessang, Nam Hoon and Park Jang Geun of Supersta, and many more. This second album is a particularly important moment in Jang’s career, as he’s hitting 10 years in the business, a period which saw him change from an idol star to a solo singer with a stronger, more mature and masculine appeal. His track Mr. Jackson in particular mixes Party Hip- hop sensibilities with a Michael Jackson-like pop aura, making it one of his most unique songs to date. Also of note is a remake of 60’s hit The Man in the Yellow Shirt, which uses sampling of Han Myung-Sook’s original song combined with Jang’s modern sound. – credits to YesAsia

Koyote Vol. 9 – London Koyote (September 15)
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Koyote debuted in 1998 and has become one of the best co-ed dance group for 8 years. They are back with their 9th album. Unlike their past albums, they say their 9th album is going to be very meaningful. Do to the break down of Korea’s music album market, they have sung a variety genre of songs. Joo Young-Hoon and Jung Jin-Soo has participated in this album. ShinJi has also participated as a lyric writer. Their album jacket has been created by Baekka. The shooting of their album jacket was done in England. Baekka and gagman Lee Byung-Jin did the filming/shooting themselves. The designers are having great responses of Baekka’s great photography skills. Their title song ‘I love rock and roll’ is produced by Joo Young-Hoon and the lyric is written by Shinji. This track is a very well known rock and roll melody known to Korean people. The parts that Kim Jong-Min sings will be like listening to ‘Elvis Presley’ songs. This album is definitely a group effort production. Through their 9th album, they will try their best again to never fail their fans as one of the best co-ed dance group. – credits to purpletiger86

Other releases:

Yumdda – Where is my Radio (September 11)
Hado – 우리의 6구역 (September 11)
Heritage Vol. 1 – Acoustic & Vintage (September 13)
Shin Sung Woo – Best Edition (September 14)
Sogyumo Acacia Band Vol. 2 (September 14)

Source: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung

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