Hallyu Star Shin Hyeon Joon is going to star in ‘Gamun eui Buhwal (Marrying the Mafia III)’ which opens in Korea, and ‘Gamunui Wigi (Marrying the Mafia II)’ in Japan.

Shin Hyeon Joon left for Japan on the 13th at 4:40pm for a three day trip during which he will conduct interviews with Japanese press, appear as a guest on television shows as well as attend a special premiere for the promotion of ‘Gamunui Wigi (Marrying the Mafia II).’

Cho Deok Hyeon of Shin Hyeon Joon’s agency Olive9 commented, "300 people were invited to the special premiere of ‘Gamunui Wigi (Marrying the Mafia II)’ but more than 3,000 people had inquired to attend, once again surprising us with Shin Hyeon Joon’s popularity."

During his visit to Japan, Shin Hyeon Joon will also attend a meeting with So-net of Sony in regards to his official Japanese website. The official Japanese website of Shin Hyeon Joon is scheduled to launch in mid-October.

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