Sep 18, 2006

The band SS501, comprising Kim Hyun-jung, Heo Young-saeng, Kim Kyu-jung, Park Jung-min and Kim Hyung-jun, gave its first concert in Osaka, Japan on September 16 as the first step toward establishing its presence in the Japanese market.

Performing in front of an audience of some 2,700 people, the band sang 15 songs over two hours, including its hit songs “Fighter” and “Fashion” and Westlife’s “My Love.” The band changed costumes five times in line with the theme of its concert, “Step Up,” showing off exquisite fashion styles along with staging a mature performance. The members of the band also staged a dance battle for their Japanese fans and sang two songs in Japanese, captivating their fans’ hearts.

The band’s agency, DSP Entertainment, said SS501’s concert was a success despite a lack of promotion, and cited a related incident that happened last year when some one thousand Japanese fans attended the group’s fan meeting after its appearance on Mnet’s Countdown show. The agency said SS501 will give a concert in Tokyo in January next year and release a single album and a DVD in Japan.

Some 40 reporters from 21 Japanese media outlets attended the band’s news conference prior to the concert. SS501 greeted them in Japanese and provided witty answers to their questions, creating a friendly atmosphere.

The band will release its first full-length album in Korea next month.

Source: KBS Global