Kan Mi Yeon (Baby VOX) Vol. 1 – Refreshing (September 19)
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Track List
01. Eojjeorago ("So what?")
02. Yennal Yeoja ("Old Woman")
03. Geu Aen NeoEge Banhaji Anhatta ("He Didn’t Fall In Love With You") – feat. Yachaepa
04. NunmulI Neol Geuryeo ("Tears Draw You")
05. Hayan NunI Naerimyeon ("White Snow is Falling")
06. Go
07. KISS – feat No Hong Cheol
08. Don’t Touch
09. Geu Sarameul Chajajuseyo ("Please Find That Person")
10. Geuge DaYa? ("Is That All?")
11. Ibyeol Ui Chum (Break Up Dance)
12. Yennal Yeoja (Remix)

The breakup of legendary K-pop group Baby Vox saddened many fans, but all the members are still in the limelight, each with her own new path to follow. Yoon Eun Hye became a television star with hit MBC drama Palace. Kim Yi Ji appeared in Drama City. Shim Eun Jin started a solo career and played a mute warrior in the historical drama Dae Jo Young. And now Kan Mi Yeon is back with her solo album debut, bringing a Refreshing new air to the current K-pop scene.
Kan Mi Yeon invited all her closest friends to participate in Refreshing. Collectively, they call themselves Yachaepa, or The Vegetable Group! There is corn (K-pop star and sometime actress Park Ji Yoon), potato (famous lyricist Shim Jae Hee), cucumber (Arirang TV MC Lena Hong), garlic (actress and former Arirang TV Pops in Seoul host Soi), sweet potato (singer, actress, and ex-S.E.S. member Eugene), carrot (ex-S.E.S. member Shoo), and finally our green pumpkin, Mi Yeon herself.

The album offers an impressive variety of genres. "Old Woman" (Track 12) mixes Irish instrumentals with Bang Si Hyeok’s melody and the lyrics of Yoon Sa Ra (writer of Kim Jong Guk’s A Letter and Kim Beom Su’s I Miss You). "Is That All?" (Track 10) is a Korean cover of a song by Taiwanese pop star Jolin Tsai, while White Snow is Falling covers Malaysian Mando-pop singer Fish Leong’s song. From ballads and Brazilian electro-pop to dance and R&B, Kan Mi Yeon’s new album is Refreshing indeed. – credits to YesAsia

Oh Jong Hyuk (Click-B ) Vol. 1 – Issue (September 19)
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Track List
01. Intro (I’m Back)
02. Majimakeuro Bye Bye ("And Finally Bye Bye")
03. Skit 1
04. Face Off
05. Take Away
06. Nothing
07. What!
08. Sarang Haenna Bwa ("It Must Be Love")
09. Jugeul Mankeum ("Deadly")
10. Skit 2
11. Bad Friend
12. So Sweet
13. Han DalIna ("One Month") – feat. Eugene

Oh Jong Hyeok and his group Click-B entered the world of K-pop in 1999 and rose to stardom almost instantly. With their good looks and unique style, Click-B quickly captured the hearts of young people all over Korea. After their initial success, however, the group hit some hard times and eventually disbanded to pursue individual careers. In order to start anew as a solo artist, Click-B’s lead vocalist Oh Jong Hyeok underwent two years of grueling training under vocal trainer Lee Gyeol, who had previously made stars out of SG Wannabe and KCM. Oh Jong Hyeok, reborn as OJ (his new stage name), is now finally releasing his debut album, Issue!

Produced by former Click-B member Woo Yeon Seok, Issue marks a musical breakthrough for Oh Jong Hyeok, as he moves away from his pop roots to more mature ballads, R&B, and even hip hop. The album features his trainer Lee Gyeol and a host of K-pop stars, including former S.E.S. member Eugene, former Untitled member Seo Jung Hwan, The Name, McK, and D. Brown. As a sign of OJ’s popularity, his first single, "Deadly" (Track 9), entered the Top 10 charts of many online sites without even a hint of marketing. Oh Jong Hyeok also showed his artistic talents by designing the album jacket himself. – credits to YesAsia

Nell Vol. 3 – Healing Process (September 21)

Track List
1. The truth of truth
2. Island
3. Good Night
4. Counting Pulses
5. Yearn
6. Beautiful Day
7. Cure
8. Have feelings
9. Goodbye
10. What do you think?

1. Ice walk
2. Meaningless
3. Afternoon conversation
4. A.S
5. Boundary
6. 51 minutes ago
7. Movie

The modern rock band ‘NELL’ has returned after two years. Their music has a poetic melody in which brings out a distinctive color and a lucid feeling of happiness and sadness. Nell has a very unique sound color and poetic lyrics to their songs that is a story about being lonely and sad. A fantasy illustration artist/director ‘IWAN’ has contributed in designing their album. Their album jacket is very fantasy-like and will be just like reading a comic book. There are a total of 17 songs that are split into two CDs. Nell’s comeback will be a big present to their fans and everyone that likes modern rock. Their title album is called ‘Healing Process’, an album about curing the pains of separation/break-up. They will be singing about a sad story of an invisible depression and the emotions that are about to explode. It’s about their personal experiences and they’ll show their true emotions so that their fans can feel their pain.

From ‘Yearn’ to ‘Having Feelings’
‘The time and my feelings are flowing. You will also have to flow away with us…’ this is a line from their title song ‘Having Feelings’. The lyrics evoke a lot of emotions. Vocalist ‘Kim Jong-Wan’ has sung their title song with a sorrowful voice. It’s a song that will make everyone fall deeply in love with and the wonderful orchestra sound makes it even better. – credits to purpletiger86

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Source: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung