Our featured artist this week is the female project duo Girl Friends. Both members have previously been successful in groups – Yuri of Cool, and Chae Rina of Roora and Diva. They have been best of friends for years. Now they have a chance to collaborate musically. Like a lot of recent group artists turned solo, Girl Friend’s music is very different from what Cool, Roora, and Diva used to perform. Their title song "May Be I Love You" has a hip-hop, funky tune. Chae Rina’s rapping is very good and smooth. The duo also invited a lot of artists to participate in their album: SG Wannabe, Baek JiYoung, Lee JaeHoon, Kim Gun-Mo, Monday Kidz, Brown Eyed Girls, Uptown, Ester, Lee Jung, HaHa, HooNiHoon, All Black…etc. That’s truly an all-star lineup. Let’s find out more about them:

Name: Chae Lina
Real name : Park Hyun-joo
Date of birth : February 3rd, 1977
Physique : 165cm, 48kg
Education : Seoul Girls High School
Hobbies : Listening to music, pocket ball, dancing

Name: Yuri
Real name : Cha Hyun-ok
Date of birth : December 24th, 1976
Physique : 167cm, 40kg
Education : Baekje Arts College
Hobbies : Collecting CDs, dancing


Two former members of the top two dance music groups of the 1990s created a new group. The duo are Yoori from Cool and Chae Lina from Loola. After a 10-year-long friendship, the two women teamed up to form Girl Friends. The first album by Girl Friends presents a new side of the two female musicians, musically and appearance-wise. Various musical genres like dance, hip-hop, R&B and funk are included on the album, providing listeners with a variety of fun music. Top Korean artists like Kim Gun-mo, Lee Jae-hoon, SG Wannabe and Baek Ji-young are also featured on the Girl Friends’ new album.


Another Myself (1st album, 2006) : Listen!, Maybe I Love You, All In, All For You, Seduce, Oh!Oh!Oh!
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Credits: KBS World

You can also find more info about Girl Friends on their official thread in soompi:

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