Sept 20, 2006

The third album from hip-hop singer MC Mong will contain a duet song with Japanese vocalist Lisa. The Korean singer recorded “A Letter to You II” with Lisa in Tokyo in July. A former member of the Japanese hip-hop group m-flo from 1998 until 2002, Lisa went solo in 2003. She is very popular in both Japan and Korea.

The duet performance took place because MC Mong wanted to feature a female vocalist in a sequel to his hit song “A Letter to You” from his first album, which featured Lyn.

MC Mong says he asked Lisa to be featured in the song because he has always loved her vocal tone, and Lisa willingly said yes after listening to his first and second albums and the song itself. She even translated the lyrics of the song into a poetic English rendition.

“Because I have been a big fan of Lisa, I have always wanted to have an opportunity to work with her. I was so impressed with her devotion and sincerity in recording the song that I have become an even bigger fan,” MC Mong said. “I am satisfied with the recording that successfully captured her mysterious voice. It was a very meaningful experience for me. It will help musical exchange between Korea and Japan.”

Lisa said that she was so impressed with MC Mong’s albums that she wanted to work with him. She also said that she is looking forward to performing with him in Korea and Japan.

His agency, Fantom Entertainment, said that the two’s collaboration is significant in that it is a meeting of two different voices. “We expect the sequel will become a hit, just like part I, because MC Mong’s deep voice matches well with Lisa’s delicate voice.

Meanwhile, MC Mong’s third album to be released on Sept. 25 includes the a cappella-type song “Prayer” featuring Park Hyo-shin, “Bad Movie” featuring Ivy and “The Way I Am” featuring MayBee.

Source: KBS Global