9/21/06 – Im Joo Hwan (임주환, 24) will costar with Sung Yoo Ri and Hyun Bin in the drama “Queen of Snow (눈의 여왕)” scheduled to be aired by KBS2 around Christmas. 

 He plays the role Suh Gun Woo (서건우) who is a doctor having quiet personality.  Ever since Gun Woo bumps into the heroine Bo Ra (보라, played by Sung Yoo Ri) in the hospital, he would defend for her no matter what situation is. Thus, Gun Woo, Bo Ra, and Han Tae Woong (한태웅, played by Hyun Bin) form triangle love relationship.  This drama is highly anticipated because the PD is Lee Hyung Min (이형민) who directed the popular drama “I’m Sorry; I Love You”.  IJH’s previous drama was “A Love To Kill (KBS2, 2005)”.