9/23/06 – The trio Son Hyun Joo, Ahn Sun Young, and Kwon Hae Hyo (손현주, 안선영, 권해효) of MBC drama “Rosy Life (장밋빛 인생)” collaborate in new MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama “What’s Up, Fox? (여우야 뭐하니)” again. “Rosy Life” scored high TV ratings above 40% in 2005. In this new drama, they collaborate with the leads Go Hyun Jung and Chun Jung Myung (고현정, 천정명).

In “What’s Up, Fox?”, Son Hyun Joo, who played Choi Jin Shil’s role’s husband in “Rosy Life”, plays the character Byung Gak (병각) who is a sleazy 37-year-old man working as the president of a name brand company. Ahn Sun Young, who played Son Hyun Joo’s role’s younger sister in “Rosy Life”, plays the heroine’s good friend Park Seung Hye (박승혜) in this drama. Kwon Hae Hyo, who played Ahn Sun Young’s role’s husband in “Rosy Life”, plays the role Hwang Yong Gil (황용길), the president of a publisher of the third-class adult magazine, and dreams to be like Larry Flint of the Hustler Magazine. Yong Gil hires the heroine Byung Hee (병희, played by Go Hyun Jung) as editor-in-chief. Although Byung Gak and Yong Gil are from the same home town, they always squabble. This trio attracts many viewers’ attentions which have been reflected in the internet bulletin board of this drama. According to TNS, the TV ratings of this drama are 17.8% on 9/20 and 17.0% on 9/21, leading dramas broadcasted at the same time on Wednesday and Thursday.