MC Mong Vol.3 – The Way I Am (September 25)
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1. News
2. Ice cream
3. A letter I’m writing to you Part 2 (feat. Lisa)
4. The winner
5. Prayer (feat. Park Hyo-Shin)
6. Discovery of life
7. The adventures of Huckleberry Mong
8. Poison
9. Deaf
10. The way I am) feat. MayBee, Gil (LeeSang)
11. Lost in music
12. Bad movie (feat. IVY)
13. Secret
14. Beautiful day
15. Discovery of a new life

MC Mong has released 2 albums in the past that introduced the hip hop style. MC Mong has returned after a year and four months with his 3rd album titled ‘The way I am’ in which he’ll introduce a new style of hip hop called ‘Neo-Hip Hop’. Through his 1st and 2nd album, we were able to find MC Mong’s own style of singing. The producer Kim Gun-Woo, who created this style for MC Mong has once again contributed in this 3rd album. His 3rd album was created secretly. Track 3 titled ‘A letter I’m writing to you Part 2’ featuring a J-pop singer named LISA (member of M-Flo), is another sensational song that we can greatly look forward to. Park Hyo-Shin, MayBee, Gil (LeeSang), IVY and so forth have contributed to MC Mong’s 3rd album. His title song is called ‘ice cream’. A song that can be very addicting and it has an airy rhythm. – credits to purpletiger86

Hong Kyung Min Vol.7 – EVOLUTION OF RHYTHM (September 26)
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1. Intro
2. Play ball
3. It was great than…
4. Another cup today
5. Love, is…
6. Curtain call
7. If I was to love again
8. Lady come, lady go
9. Road
10. Go home
11. Chant 2
12. Standing at that place
13. Phone

1. Music video, concert commentary

Hong Kyung Min’s 7th album [Evolution of Rhythm]
Live concert commentary bonus CD

Hong Kyung Min has returned to his fans after two years with his 7th album ‘Evolution of Rhythm’. His title song is called ‘Love, is…’, which was produced by Jeon Hye-Sung, who made hit songs for Lee Seung-Chul and Yoon Do-Hyun. Unlike most ballad songs, this song will have its own unique format and Hong Kyung Min’s own westernized style and is a song that can deeply involve the listnert. His second title song called ‘It was great than’ is a rock ballad track. We will be able to feel Hong Kyung Min’s dream of evolution and other famous musicians’ contribution to this album. There is also a bonus cd that consists of his live concert commentary and music videos. – credits to purpletiger86

Jang Yoon Jung Vol.3 – 이따,이따요 (September 26)
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1. Later, later (이따,이따요)
2. First love
3. Carry me
4. Sin
5. GoSooLeh
6. Anemone/Windflower
7. Match made in heaven
8. I know
9. You, just like me
10. Cry out with your heart
11. Dehydrated deer
12. Hwang Jini
13. Later, later (remix)
14. Call me
15. Later, later (MR)

Trot queen Jang Yoon Jung’s 3rd album [Later, later] has been released!! Jang Yoon Jung debuted in 2003 and has made several hit songs such as ‘Oh My God’, ‘JJan Jjah Lah’, ‘Flower’, and ‘Pea pods’. She will be returning to her fans this fall with her new released album and new appearance. Her 3rd album [Later, later] will have breathtaking songs, while her appearance and voice will be more of a sexy concept. Working on her 3rd album, she has finally figured the taste of singing trot songs and what kind of songs she is capable of singing. Through this album, we will be able to feel the effort she has put into for all her tracks. Her title song ‘Later, later’ is especially different from all her other hit songs she has made in the past. The song is very modern temp/bounce as we will be able to feel in the lyrics. The song is about a woman who is very impatient when it comes to love. She falls in love with a man because of his appearance and her heart wants to love him. This song is very genuine and refreshing just like Jang Yoon Jung’s image. There are a variety of songs in this album, starting from very up-beat dance songs to slow ballad songs. (Latin, Mambo, Cha-Cha, Euro-techno, trot…etc). In this 3rd album, we will be able to hear the songs that she wrote the lyrics to. Everyone is looking forward to this album and already announcing that this autumn will be a ‘Jang Yoon Jung Syndrome’. – credits to purpletiger86

Eru Vol.2 (September 28)

1. Black glasses
2. Come back to me
3. Don’t be late…
4. I’ll promise
5. Take off
6. With you
7. Heart break
8. White snow
9. Because I love you
10. Ohk-Kyung

Eru has returned after a year with a more mature image. His 2nd album title song is ‘black glasses’. Yoon Myung-Sun wrote the lyrics and produced this song. (He also wrote and produced Jang Yoon-Jung’s song ‘Oh My God!’). Famous movie star, Ahn Sung-Gi has been chosen to be in Eru’s music video. This is Ahn’s first time acting in a music video after his debut. Ahn with be acting with actress Lee Young-Ah and singer Kim Hyun-Joong (from SS501). All three of them will be involved a love triangle. This song is about lovers learning the beauty of departing and remembering the pains of loving. We will be able to hear Eru’s sorrowful voice this autumn. ‘Come back to me’ and ‘Take off’ are two songs that were produced by Jeon Seung-Woo. (Jeon produced Eru’s title song from his 1st album ‘If I were to be born again and WheeSung’s ‘Story that I cannot tell’). We will be able to feel Eru’s smooth voice, which is one of his great trademarks. The song ‘Heart break’ is written and produced by Eru himself. Through his 2nd album, Eru can be known as a singer as well as a songwriter. The last track on his album titled ‘Ohk-Kyung’ is a hit song that his father, Tae Jin-Ah sang in the past. They made it into a duet song where we will be able to feel the mix of trot and R&B. There are a total of ten tracks. Through this album, Eru will show his manly side. There are a lot of ballad songs in his 2nd album, but unlike his 1st album, Eru has put more emotions that will make his voice stand out even stronger. – credits to purpletiger86

Lee Seung Chul Vol.8 – REFLECTION OF SOUND (September 28)
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1. White bird
2. Scream
3. Annie
4. Trust me
5. Wish
6. Small expectance
7. We
8. Watch
9. Um…excuse me
10. Let’s…Love
11. Don’t go away (Remix Version)

-I want to be a person that can be the best on my own-
Lee Seung Chul’s new album titled [Reflection of Sound] has been released. Comparing Lee Seung Chul twenty years ago to now, we are able to see a great difference just within his appearance and his matured music. He has come this far for twenty years just with his love for music. He is known as one of the best singers in Korea. A man that is like a friend and who has come along a long journey in life with all of us. His great vocal and sound is already gaining much interest from professionals as well as fans. His plan is to make an amazing appearance to his fans and shock everyone by competing with new artists in the music industry.

DBSG Vol. 3 – "O"-正.反.合. (September 29)
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01. O
02. SesangE Dan HanaBbunIn Maeum (You’re My Miracle)
03. Hey! Girl
04. Get Me Some
05. I’ll Be There
06. Remember
07. Ije Mak Sijakdwen Iyagi (The Story Has Just Begun)
08. ON&ON
09. Phantom
10. You Only Love
11. Pungseon (Balloons)

Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ) took the Korean music scene by storm when they debuted in 2004. The astounding success of their sophomore album, Rising Sun, solidified their superstar status in Korea. Their popularity has extended throughout Asia, and they have already released seven singles in Japan, with an eighth coming later this year. After a successful run around the continent on their first Asia tour, Dong Bang Shin Ki is now ready to capture new and old fans alike with their highly anticipated third album. Their latest release features 11 brand new tracks, including title song O, a fast-tempo fusion of rock, hip hop, and electronic trance. – credits to YesAsia

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Source: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung