Our featured artist this week is SM’s new young rock group TRAX. They may not be as well known as their labelmates DBSG and Super Junior, but they can also hold their own. Recently they scored their first top 20 hit "초우" (Cold Rain) – a rock ballad which increase their mass appeal. Let’s find out more about them:

Typhoon (J-Kim) 1984.4.8 – Vocals
Rose(Noh Min-Woo) 1986.5.29 – Guitar/Drums
Attack(Kang Jung-Woo) 1985.6.15 – Bass
X-mas(Kim Jung-Mo) 1985.3.26 – Guitar

‘The Trax’, is making waves not only in Korea but in Japan too. The Japanese ‘Sankei sports’ ran a story recently about the group’s promotion video shoot on location in Tokyo about the turnout of some 350 fans and the sheer scale which involved helicopters and the likes.

The beginning of the ‘Trax’ is already a history in the making that was unheard of in the Korean music scene. Under the careful orchestration of the hit factory ‘SM Entertainment’ which is responsible for the likes of ‘H.O.T.’, ‘Shinwha’ and “BoA’, the ‘Trax’ is its latest venture for them for the global market which took 4 years to materialize. With this in mind their first single, ‘Paradox’ was written by the group ‘ICON-X’, which consists of composers from both Korea and Japan.

The ‘Trax’s music can be described as a ‘crossover’, which is a blend of different genres that includes ‘Hip-pop’, ‘Trip-pop’, ‘Soul Electric’ and ‘Acid’ with the base in ‘Rock’. And this isn’t the first time that’s been done in the music scene as it is similar to that of ‘Limp Bizkit’, ‘Linin Park’ and ‘Seo Tai-Ji’ in some ways, but with the backing of ‘SM Entertainment’, it is anybody’s guess how things will turn out. In addition, with the members’ good looks, often regarded as an important factor and their musicianship in question, the destiny of ‘Trax’ will be a hard one to predict.

Paradox (debut single, 2004) : Paradox, On The Road, Are You Ready
Scorpio (1st single album, 2004) : Scorpio, Tears, Beat Trailer, Knife
Rhapsody (2nd single album, 2005) : Rhapsody, Vampire
Blaze Away (3rd single album, 2005) : Blaze Away, End of the World, It’s a Monster
The First Album (1st regular album, 2006) : Cold Rain, Embrace One’s Soul, Paradise, Total Eclipse, Sad Wedding Song
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credits to KBS World

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