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Overall Feel: Ballad/Dance
I wouldn’t categorize any of the songs as R&B. One of the major things I love about this album is the ballads aren’t the heavy, R&B type that is typical these days. The songs also don’t have the complex compositions like a SG Wannabe type of ballad. In this album, the music is lighter, but the voice is still able to come out strong and resonates. She also slips in a couple of upbeat, dance songs that are quite nice.

Recommended Tracks
HIGHLY Recommended Tracks

1. 어쩌라고 (So What?)
Like I mentioned before, the music is lighter than what you would expect from an SG Wannabe ballad or any other R&B trio that specialize in ballads (See Ya, Gavy NJ, Vibe). The orchestra is still there, but it remains as just the music and doesn’t take away your attention from the actual singing.

2. 옛날여자 (Old Woman)
The title song of her first album. A fine choice to make her first mark as a solo artiste. People who might have had problems with her voice being slightly screechy during her Baby VOX days should have no room to complain here. In my opinion, Mi Youn’s strength is being able to sing the high parts exactly on key without sounding too airy or screechy and she demonstrates that very well in this song.

4. 눈물이 널 그려 (Tears Draw You)
One of my favorite tracks from the whole album. I love how Mi Youn can support the notes so well. Her voice isn’t airy or trot-like and during the chorus she just melts you.

5. 하얀 눈이 내리면(White Snow is Falling) remake of Jasmine Leong’s Ai Ni Bu Shi Liang San Tian
Again, I like how the instrumentals don’t take away anything from the song itself. Typical ballads now involve huge orchestras carrying the whole song and taking away attention from the singer’s voice. Here, the instrumentals aren’t center stage and you’re allowed to pay attention to her voice, which is very beautiful.

6. Go
This song originally comes from Baby VOX’s Special 5.5 album (2002).
While I always wondered what this song would sound like with Mi Youn’s voice alone, without having 2 or 3 subpar voices in the way, I do miss Hee Jin’s voice singing the chorus. Baby VOX fans may not love it as much as the original since it probably doesn’t have the same feeling as having 5 different people singing one song. In addition, the fact that the group has disbanded means the song now has more meaning as a Baby VOX song rather than a Kan Mi Youn song. BUT it is a great song nonetheless and Mi Youn sings it very beautifully. She sounds better now than she did singing the same song 4 years ago.

7. Kiss feat. No Hong Chul
No Hong Chul doesn’t actually sing in this! Just some narration. This is where the album mixes it up. A catchy, upbeat song that’s not annoyingly sugary sweet like track 3, but a very enjoyable dance song.

8. Don’t touch
This sounds like it could be a silent girl’s anthem. laugh.gif An upbeat song that fits nicely somewhere between slow ballad and a fast, dance song.

9. 그 사람을 찾아주세요 (Please Find That Person) remake
As far as how all the foreign remakes compare to the original, I’m not able to say much since I’ve never heard the originals.

10. 그게 다야? (Is That All?) remake of Jolin Tsai’s Ai Qing Qi Shi Liu Ji
A welcome surprise. It adds more variety to the album.

12. 옛날 여자(Old Woman) remix
A great remix of the title track and a great end to a great album! (It’s grrreat!)

Overall, this album is great, I like 10 out of 12 tracks. I highly recommend buying this album. Definitely worth the money.


Written by: jahye

Edit by: Arizaphale, edward1849

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