Sep 29, 2006

The five-man group SS501 will release an album in Thailand. The group’s agency, DSP Entertainment, said Friday that it had made an agreement with KTCC, a Thai company focused on introducing Korean pop culture to the country, to release the group’s first feature album there. The group is enjoying great popularity there, with its local fan club numbering 20,000 despite the fact that the group has never been in that country.

SS501’s first feature album is scheduled to be released domestically next month, and the one to be released in Thailand will contain its previous singles as well as new music videos.

“Although SS501 has never been to Thailand, it is quite popular through music channels like MTV, so we decided to sign a license contract,” a KTCC source said.

But DSP Entertainment said, “It would be impossible to conduct promotional activities for the group in Thailand immediately after releasing an album because it has to focus on promoting the album in Korea first.” The group may work in Thailand from next year.

Making its debut last summer, the group has only released single albums, including “Snow Prince,” “Fighter,” and “Warning.” It has recently given a concert in Osaka, Japan and will hold another concert in Tokyo next January.

Source: KBS Global