Oct 2, 2006

The five-member boy-band TVXQ has introduced its third album at a showcase that was attended by some 40,000 people on Sept. 30.

The group, which has mostly been performing abroad this year, including Japan, Thailand and Malaysia, showed off a more mature image to domestic fans after ten months.

SBS TV will broadcast the band’s showcase in October, which is quite unprecedented. At the recent showcase, TVXQ sang six songs, including “Get Me Some,” “I’ll Be There,” "O," “Rising Sun” and “I Wanna Hold You.

While singing their dance songs, the group members displayed impressive and dynamic dancing skills on the T-shaped stage. The beautiful melody of their ballad song “I’ll Be There” enraptured the audience.

TVXQ also held a charity campaign at the showcase by selling luminous bracelets and donating all proceeds to the needy.

Throughout the showcase, the band members chatted with the emcee and told interesting stories. Asked to describe a charming aspect about each member’s voice, TVXQ members praised each other’s singing skills by descibing Yuno Yun-ho’s voice as “profound,” Choi Kang Chang-min’s voice as "clear," Mickey Yucheon’s voice as "soft," and Shiya Junsoo’s voice as "husky." The audience was amused to hear Shiya Junsoo mimic a dolphin’s voice.

The band also showed its photos that had never been disclosed to the public on a large screen.

The audience asked TVXQ to sing the song “Sky” during the finale of the showcase. “Sky” was originally released in Japan and became a big hit.

The showcase was postponed for an hour because a large group of TVXQ’s fans from provinces arrived late. Some one thousand foreign fans from Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, the United States, Australia and Hong Kong also attended the concert.

Source: KBS Global