Big Bang 2nd Single –Bigbang is V.I.P (released)
IPB Image
1. La-la-la
2. My Girl
3. V.I.P
4. La-la-la (instrumental)

DISC2-Special VCD (MV/Self Camera)
1. We belong together
2. A dummy full of tears
3. This love
4. BigBang in Japan

-The BigBang that everyone has seen till now is nothing but an introduction-

YG entertainment’s new group BIGBANG was revealed through a real documentary called ‘BIGBANG’ last summer. BigBang’s first stage appearance was during YG family’s 10th anniversary concert. After releasing their first single album, the music market was dominated and 2000 fans gathered for BigBang’s first signing session. They also debuted in Japan during YG’s world tour. And on September 15th, BigBang held their first showcase and about 2,500 fans showed up. They left a big impression on their fans while holding a special performance that lasted for an hour. BigBang was created/started in July and was promoted as YG entertainment’s idol group. The BigBang that everyone has seen till now is nothing but an introduction. After releasing their second single album titled “BIGBANG IS V.I.P”, they will officially start their activities.

Their perfect stage appearance is shown through their dancing, singing and rapping. Through their first single, we were able to see their music producing, fashion style and three-part music video that showed each member’s acting skills and talents. We will be able to see all five members’ amazing stage performances through their second single album. The first track titled “La-la-la’ is a song that was produced by Perry and G-dragon. This track has a eurhythmic tempo/rhythm with a modernized melody. All the members contributed in writing the lyric to this song showing their confidence and passion for music. In their real documentary, “la~la~la~everybody get’em hi, melt inside our music and we won’t stop movin movin” was written for their title song. They sang ‘La-la-la’ during YG’s 10th anniversary concert showing off their intense choreography and steady live performance. Everyone is looking forward to their future broadcasting/performances. Their 3rd track titled “V.I.P” shows off all the members rap skills. The song ‘V.I.P’ was heard in the last ten seconds of their ‘We belong together’ music video from their first single. This track was produced by Kim Do-Hyun and G-dragon as well as all the BigBang members. Their 2nd track titled ‘My girl’ shows off the capacity of [vocalist] Tae-Yang’s voice and G-dragon wrote the lyrics to this song. It is a slow R&B track.

-Melt inside our music! It’s the start of BigBang’s stage performance-

After completing their spectacular debut, BigBang will soon officially start their new stage performances, which promise to be loads of fun. They will debut with their 2nd single that will last a length of 8 minutes. BigBang’s schedule is already booked with activities. They are receiving much support from their fans and the masses. – credits to purpletiger86

Source: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung

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