Congraulations to Turtles! Their song "비행기" (Aeroplanes) becomes the first song ever on this chart to stay at the #1 spot for 6 weeks, even though it is not consecutively. Psy’s "연예인" (Performer) was #1 for a week in between. This week, Psy’s song dropped a spot to #3, exchanging place with Ha Dong Kyun’s "그녀를사랑해줘요" (Please Love Her), which moves back up to #2. Again, these 3 songs have conquered the chart for so long, we are hoping to see more movements in October to make the top 20 more interesting.

Most of the songs are falling on the chart this week, but we do have one big mover and 3 new songs debuting with very good spots. SM’s newcomer Jang Ri In’s "Timeless" moves up 9 big spots to #6 this week. Featuring DBSG’s Xiah, this R&B ballad has gained a lot of popularity among younger fans. Critics said that it was a little bit controversial that the song won the SBS Inky Gayo Mutizen award last week, but the song indeed was very popular on most music charts, including this one. smile.gif

2 of the 3 new songs made it to the top 10 this week. The highest debut is hip hop duo Bae Chi Gi’s "마이동풍", debuting at #7. This is a very creative song, with an opera style beginning, and a melody which is more pop-oriented than their debut song "반갑습니다" (Be Happy), which appeared only for 1 week in our chart last year. Bae Chi Gi’s 2nd album is recording good sales figures as well.

Also entering the chart into the top 10 at #9 is an All-Star collobration from the stage to behind. Two of the brightest new R&B female groups in Korea joined forces this time. Kim Yeon Ji, lead singer of See Ya, and Je-A, lead singer of Brown Eyed Girls, collobrated on this song "The Day". Not only that, this song is written and produced by Min Myung Ki, who produced for Gavy NJ, another up and coming R&B female group. So, we are seeing the styles of all 3 groups into one song.

The last debut song also landed in a good spot. Lee Seung Ki’s "제발" (Please) is at #13. This is a remake of Lee SoRa’s song of the same title. Lee Seung Ki recently released a remake album. We have seen a lot of album remakes in k-pop for the last 2 to 3 years. What makes this remake album special is that all songs sung by Lee Seung Ki were previously sung by female singers. Lee Seung Ki offered us a completely different feeling on these songs.

To listen to the 1 minute sample, you need to follow the links to and install the melon player to your computer. After that, click on the song title to listen.

1. (–) Turtles – 비행기 (Aeroplanes) *** 6 WEEKS NO. 1 ***
Genre: Pop
Album: Turtles Vol. 4 Track 3 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on Turtles’ 4th album titled "Buy Turtles!", it’s a refreshing Turtles-style dance track blending the cute melody with the exotic sound of Hawaiian baby guitars. This song brings back the childhood memories to people who are tired of their everyday lives. Its addictive rhythm adds an exquisite fascination to the music.
IPB Image Music + Lyrics: Lim Sung Hoon (Turtleman)
Score: 898

2. (+1) Ha Dong Kyun – 그녀를사랑해줘요 (Please Love Her)
Genre: R&B Ballad
Album: Ha Dong Kyun Vol. 1 Track 3 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on Ha Dong-kyun’s first album titled "Stand Alone," this ballad song’s poignant lyrics and sweet melody are in perfect harmony with Ha Dong-kyun’s powerful vocals. Its simple and refined arrangement nicely blends with Ha Dong-kyun’s unique vocals. His powerful musicality and husky vocals hidden behind his delicate look is quite amazing.
IPB Image Music: Park Soo Jong / Lyrics: Choi Kap Won
Score: 808

3. (-1) Psy – 연예인 (Performer)
Genre: Pop / Hip-Hop
Album: Psy Vol. 4 Track 3 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on Psy’s 4th album titled "Ssajip," its lyrics are very much like the one from Psy’s hit song "Utopia" with exciting and refreshing rhythm. In this song, he sings about being an entertainer to a woman he loves. Psy plays a double role of a genuine man and a comical angel through this music video.
IPB Image Music: Psy / Lyrics: Yoon Gun Hyung
Score: 789

4. (+1) Cherry Filter – Happy Day
Genre: Rock
Album: Cherry Filter Vol. 4 Track 3 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on Cherry Filter’s fourth album titled "Peace N’ Rock N’ Roll," this is very much like the typical Cherry Filter style song. Its acoustic piano sound is in great harmony with the cheerful and refreshing modern-rock feel of the music. The song’s unique and colorful lyrics represent Cherry Filter. The group has secured an identity as a modern rock-band, while displaying more mature and refined sounds.
IPB Image Music + Lyrics: Jung Woo Jin
Score: 742

5. (-1) Park Jung Ah – Yeah
Genre: Pop/Rock
Album: Park Jung Ah Vol. 1 Track 3 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featuring on Park Jung-ah’s first solo album titled "Yeah," this pop-rock style song differs somewhat from Jewelry’s previous music. Its hopeful and encouraging message is expressed in a rock melody. The song’s exciting rhythm in the chorus nicely blends with Park Jung-ah’s refreshing vocals, delivering a sense of freedom.
IPB Image Music: Mark Jackson / Lyrics: Cho Eun Hee
Score: 693

6. (+9) Jang Ri In – Timeless *** BIGGEST MOVER OF THE WEEK ***
Genre: R&B Ballad
Album: Jang Ri In – Timeless Track 1 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on Chinese singer Zhang LiYin’s debut single album titled "Timeless," this elegant song brings out an oriental melody with an R&B groove. It’s a traditional ballad by Zhang LiYin and TVXQ!’s Xiah. The song dwells on a love that’s both everlasting and sorrowful.
IPB Image Music: Foreign Song / Lyrics: Kenzie
Score: 620

7. (New) Bae Chi Gi – 마이동풍 *** HOT SHOT DEBUT ***
Genre: Hip Hop
Album: Bae Chi Gi Vol. 2 Track 2 –Listen here for 1 minute sample

edward1849: The title song from Bae Chi Gi’s 2nd album, written by famous rapper MC Sniper. The song blends an opera style intro with a quick flow of rap, which adds the creativity in this hip hop song.
 Music: MC Sniper / Lyrics: Bae Chi Gi
Score: 597

8. (+1) Paran – 다섯걸음 (Five Steps)
Genre: Pop / Dance
Album: Paran Vol. 2 Track 2 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on Paran’s second album titled "Beyond The Blue Sky," this medium tempo song combines a strong beat with charismatic vocals. A member from Usher’s production team participated in the making of this eight-beat dance song. The group displays dazzling dance skills in the music video which was shot in Thailand.
IPB Image Music: Garry Haas / Lyrics: Park Ki Hyun
Score: 585

9. (New) Brown Eyed Girls & See Ya – The Day
Genre: R&B Ballad
Album: Brown Eyed Girls & See Ya – To My Love (Single) Track 1 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

edward1849: From a project single album "To My Lover" featuring See Ya’s Kim Yeon Ji and Brown Eyed Girls Je-A. This song is written by Min Myung Ki, the producer of Gavy NJ.
 Music + Lyrics: Min Myung Ki
Score: 580

10. (-3) YB – 오늘은 (Today)
Genre: Rock
Album: Yoon Do Hyun Band Vol. 7 Track 1 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on YB’s seventh album titled "Why be?" this song is a sentimental rhythm rock music. The lyrics and melody deliver a hopeful message and instill energy to all listeners. The music video which stars all the members of YB adds to the listening enjoyment.
IPB Image Music + Lyrics: Yoon Do Hyun
Score: 515
11. (-3) Seo Young Eun – 좋아좋아 (I Like It)
Genre: Pop Ballad
Album: Seo Young Eun Remake – Romantic 2 Track 2 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on Seo Young Eun’s 2nd remake album titled "Romantic 2," this album includes the remake hits from the 70s to 80s. It makes the older generation reminiscent of old times, while introducing the new music to the younger generation. This title song is a remake version of The Weather Forecast’s song "I like it."
IPB Image Music + Lyrics: Na Deur
Score: 498

12. (-2) MC The Max – 사랑을찾아서 (Searching For Love)
Genre: Rock Ballad
Album: Somewhere Over The Rainbow Vol. 2 Track 1 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on digital omnibus album titled "Somewhere over the RAINBOW vol. 2," it is a bossa nova style music displaying somewhat different feel from the group’s previous songs. Its poignant lyrics are about a man separated with his lover still wandering around her, not having to forget her. This lyrics are in perfect harmony with member Lee-su’s vocals.
IPB Image Music + Lyrics: J
Score: 496

13. (New) Lee Seung Ki – 제발 (Please)
Genre: Pop Ballad
Album: Lee Seung Ki Remake Album – When A Man Loves A Woman Track 1 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

edward1849: Featured on Lee Seung Ki’s remake album "When A Man Loves A Woman". 제발 (Please) is originally sung by Lee SoRa. Lee Seung Ki is remaking songs from female singers on this album.
 Music: Kim Hyun Chul / Lyrics: Lee Sora
Score: 495

14. (-2) See Ya – 미친 사랑의 노래 (Crazy Love Song)
Genre: R&B ballad
Album: KBS Drama "Invisible Man Choi Jang Soo" OST Track 3 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: This is the theme song of the drama "Invisible Man, Choi Jang-soo", which stars Chae Si-ra and Yoo Oh-sung. Also featured on the O.S.T of the drama, the song’s sad lyrics and medium tempo with bright melody give ironic color to the song. The music video is a sequel to the song "Slippers" from the group’s first album.
IPB Image Music: Cho Young Soo / Lyrics: Ahn Young Min
Score: 437

15. (-9) Girl Friends – May Be I Love You
Genre: Pop / Hip-hop
Album: Girl Friends Vol. 1 Track 3 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Aquarius: Pretty ‘Girl Friends’ don’t look like they’re in their 30s, they said ‘Maybe I love you’ is their thanks to music fans who have supported them for the past 10 years. Their album is great, so it will come as no surprise if more songs of theirs enter our top 20. Their next single could be ‘Bite my lips’ (Track 04 – feat. Big Tone)
IPB Image Music: Lee Sang Baek / Lyrics: Park Hae Woon
Score: 427

16. (-3) Lee Ji Hye – Love Me Love Me
Genre: Pop / Dance
Album: Lee Ji Hye special single # + 1 Track 1 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on Lee Ji-hye’s special single album titled "#+1," it is written by the S#arp’s hit maker Park Hae Woon. Its modern rock beat and jazz style guitar melody are in perfect harmony with the lyrics.
IPB Image Music: Park Hae Woon / Lyrics: Kim Young Ah
Score: 343

17. (-1) Buzz – My Love
Genre: Rock Ballad
Album: Buzz Vol. 3 Track 3 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on Buzz’s 3rd album titled "Perfect," it’s a story about two lovers waiting for separation. Its moderate piano and string play add to the song’s poignant feel. The lyrics are connected to the song "My Darling," which is included in the group’s third album. Continuing the titled song "You Don’t Know Guys," Buzz’s guitarist Sohn Sung-hee put on a great act in this music video.
IPB Image Music: Lee Sang Joon / Lyrics: Lee Jae Kyung
Score: 330

18. (–) Hwan Hee – Tomorrow
Genre: R&B Ballad
Album: MBC Drama "Over The Rainbow" OST Track 16 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on the O.S.T of the drama "Over the Rainbow," this song is played in the drama "Over the Rainbow," starring Fly to the Sky’s Fany and rookie star Kim Ok-Bin. Its moderate lyrics and poignant melody are in perfect harmony. The song also brings out Fany-style soul music.
IPB Image Music: Park Hae Woon / Lyrics: Kang Eun Kyung
Score: 326

19. (-8) Shinhwa – Throw My Fist
Genre: Dance
Album: Shinhwa Vol. 8 Track 9 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on Shinhwa’s 8th album titled “State of the art Special Edition" and Japanese album titled "Inspiration #1," this song is arranged in Solid Groove Mix version and its dynamic hip-hop sound gives more strength to the song. The music video features two of the group’s members – Eric and Kim Dong-wan – chasing one another.
IPB Image
Score: 310

20. (–) TRAX – 초우 (Cold Rain)
Genre: Rock Ballad
Album: TRAX Vol. 1 Track 3 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on TRAX’s first album titled "Cold Rain," this song expresses loneliness and sorrow of a person left alone. The music video is produced in music drama style on the theme of love, friendship, and betrayal. Members of the TRAX and Chun Sang Ji Hee’s Lina played the main roles in the music video.
IPB Image Music + Lyrics: Kenzie
Score: 300

Dropped out from last week: sad.gif
14. Kim Jong Kook – 사랑한다는말 (Words of Loving You)
17. Lee Jung – 그대 그대 그대 (You You You)
19. Big Bang – 눈물뿐인 바보 (Tears of a Fool)

Sources of the top 20

The sources of this top 20 chart are pretty much the same, but the weight assigned to each source may be different each week because some charts do not update weekly (e.g. MNet M!Countdown) and I assign fewer percentage when it happens. From now on, I’ll list my chart sources each week. For September week 5:

ChartKorea – 20%
Hanteo Weekly Album Sales (2 weeks lag) – 20%
MNet M!Countdown + MNet Internet Chart – 20%
SBS Inky Gayo Take 7 Chart (1 week lag) – 15%
Various Internet charts (Melon, Jukeon, Dosirak, MaxMP3, Muz, Bugs, Hanteo Top 50, Ohdio) – 15%
MTV Korea – Artist & Music Charts – 5%
Gasoo appearance on gayo shows (MBC Music Core, SBS Inky Gayo, KBS Music Bank, SBS Music Wave, KBS Yoon Do Hyun Love Letter, MTV Live Wow, MTV Top Choices, MTV Breakfast Club, Show! Music Tank, Pops In Seoul) – 5%

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