9/28/06 — Cha Tae Hyun and Lee So Yun (이소연) are selected to lead the movie “Mask Dal Ho (복면달호)”.  This movie is based on the Japanese novel “Sharan Q’s Flower Boulevard (샤란큐의 엔카의 꽃길)” written by Saito Hiroshi (사이토 히로시) published in 1997.  The director is Lee Kyung Gyoo (이경규) whose previous movie project was “A Bloody Battle for Revenge (복수혈전)” debuted 14 years ago.

CTH plays the role Bong Dal Ho (봉달호) who dreams to be a rock singer.  Dal Ho debuts as a trot singer using a mask on the stage.  This mysterious image makes people not be able to predict his moves.  LSY plays the role Suh Yun (서연) who is also a trot singer. Dal Ho is attracted by Suh Yun when he sees her for the first time. They have sweet romance.  CTH stats, “I couldn’t help laughing while I was reading through the script.  Thus, I decide to perform in this movie.”  Actor Im Chae Moo (임채무) also acts in this movie as the planning manager Mr. Jang (장사장).