Lee Jung Hyun Vol. 6 – Fantastic Girl (October 10)
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Track List
01. FunFun – feat Double K
02. NaMan Bwa ("Just Look at Me")
03. Teul (Formula)
04. CheolsuYa SarangHae ("I Love You, Cheol Soo")
05. Welcome To My Style
06. Dallyeo ("Run")
07. NamjaNeun YeojaReul Gwichanhge Hae ("Men Annoy Women")
08. Eoddeohge ("How")
09. Ddo Saranghal Su Isseulkka ("Will I Be Able To Love Again?")
10. Yeonga ("Love Song")
11. All In
12. Ni NamjaReul Jwo ("Give Me Your Man")

Lee Jung Hyun debuted at the tender age of 16 in Jang Sun Woo’s 1996 masterpiece A Petal, and her energy exploded on the stage soon after. She is one of the few Korean artistes firmly established in the dance music genre. From her explosive debut album and wild music videos to her catchy tunes and excellent production, Lee has improved steadily with every album, which is all the more remarkable considering her young age. After two years of running from Japanese dramas (Rondo, as Choi Ji Woo’s sister) to Chinese concerts, Lee is finally back in Korea with her sixth album, Fantastic Girl.

Mixing the talent of producers Yoon Il Sang and Choi Joon Young with Lee’s incredible energy, this new album moves away from the Latin vibes of her fifth album, Passion, and offers an eclectic mix of musical styles. The principle track I Love You Cheol Soo is filled with analogue funky sounds like Half from her third album. The rest of Fantastic Girl is a blend of different genres and influences, from traditional Korean instruments like the gayageum (zither) to indo-pop and techno. As always, Lee paid special attention to the music video for I Love You Cheol Soo, which was directed by Lee Do Young. – credits to YesAsia

Shin Seung Hun Vol. 10 – The Romanticist (October 10)
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Track List
01. Dream of my life
02. SongYeonBiGa ("Sad Song of Fate")
03. Lady
04. Shiganeul Dwiro Georeo ("Walking Back in Time")
05. Jigeum Mannareo Gamnida ("I’ll Be Meeting You")
06. Motdwen Gidarim ("Wrong Wait")
07. GeureongaYo ("Really?")
08. Love Actually
09. I Luv U I Luv U I Luv U
10. ApaDo, GeuraeDo… ("Even If It Hurts…")
11. Geuraejjyo ("That’s It") – Song for mother
12. Romeo & Juliet II
13. Eodiseonga GeuNyeoEGe Museun IlI Saengimyeon ("If Something Happens to Her Anywhere")
14. Wonderful world
15. Eoddeokhajyo ("What Can I Do?") – Trees in Heaven theme
16. GeuraeDo SarangIda ("Still, It’s Love") – A Love To Kill theme

The big ten. On Oct 10 (10/10), Shin Seung Hun releases his tenth album, a testimony to his talent and long-standing popularity. When Shin Seung Hun started his journey in the business, there was no Korean Wave, the Internet was an affair for a selected few, and music videos were an MTV novelty. But through hard work, dedication, and talent, he eventually made it. His fanbase kept growing, recently expanding outside Korean borders to Japanese, Chinese, and even American shores. To celebrate 16 years of success, Shin Seung Hun returns after a two-year absence with The Romanticist.

Starting with the main track Lady (Track 3), Shin moves swiftly from ballads and bossa nova to tango, swing, gospel and much more. In addition, Shin is preparing a $9 million world tour which will bring him all over Korea, Japan, China, the US, and Southeast Asia. With a staff of over 250 people, Shin will try for the first time a "1 Scene 1 View" format (different set and production for every song) for his concerts, sure to be the icing on the cake of a wonderful career. – credits to YesAsia

Sung Shi Kyung Vol. 5 – The Ballads (October 10)
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Track List
01. GeoriESeo ("On The Street")
02. Geuriun NarEn ("On a Lonely Day")
03. SarangHal Ddaen Mollatteon Geotdeul ("The Things You Don’t Know When You’re in Love")
04. Geu GirEul GeottaGa ("Walking That Road")
05. Baram, Geudae ("Wind, You")
06. Na Geurigo NeoYa ("It’s You and Me")
07. who do you love
08. Geu Ireum Moreundago ("I Don’t Know That Name")
09. BiGaein Nal ("Clear Sky Day")
10. Saeroun Beoreut ("New Habit")
11. Good Morning
12. GieokEul Nanum ("Sharing Memories")
13. Dalkomhan Sangsang ("Sweet Imagination")
14. JigeumUi Sarang ("Present Love") – feat. Ann
15. Geu JariE Geu ShiganE ("That Time, That Place")
16. O, Sarang ("Oh, My Love")

Autumn is the time for ballads and the season opens promisingly with the long-awaited return of Ballad King Sung Si Kyung. After adding acting and DJing to his resume, Sung finally got to work on his fifth album, The Ballads. This time he personally produced the entire album, supervising not only the composition process, but also the production of main track On The Street’s music video, which was shot in Shibuya, Tokyo with Japanese actress Okura Erika. The music video was directed by Lee Joon Hyung, who previously worked with Brown Eyed Soul and Lee Soo Young.

The key as always is Sung’s unmistakable style, mixing ballads with jazz bossa, pop and even dance. Joining him for this fifth album are old friends Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Hyung Seok and Hareem along with Lee Seung Hwan of The Story, Lee Hyun Seung, and more. R&B diva Ann also makes an appearance, and comedian Jung Sun Hee joins in with a narration. – credits to YesAsia

Alone in Love OST 2CD + Song Book Special Package (October 11)
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Disc 1 – Original CD
01. YeonaeRan EoreundeulUi JangnaeHeemang GatEun Geot ("That Thing Called Love Adults Hope for in the Future") – Narration by Eun Ho, Dong Jin
02. Geuddae NaeGa Micheo Haji Mothaettdon Mal ("The Things I Couldn’t Say Back Then") – Lee Moon Se
03. SarangEul MudDa ("Burying Love") – Narration by Eun Ho
04. GeudaeYeo Annyeong ("Goodbye To You") – Cho Won Sun 05. SarangEun Eonje Ggeutnaneun Geolkka? ("When Does Love End?") – Narration by Eun Ho
06. CheotSarang ("First Love") – Instrumental
07. AjikDo GeureongaBwa ("It Still Must be That Way") – Guitar version
08. SarangEun SaramEul Apeuge Handa ("Love Hurts People") – Narration by Eun Ho
09. Seulpeum Hamgge Geodgi ("Walking with Sadness") – Instrumental
10. Gomawo ("Thank You") – Son Ye Jin
11. EodiseobuteoGa SarangIlkka ("Since When Was It Love?") – Narration by Dong Jin
12. Geureomedo Bulguhago UnmyeongIeottdamyeon… ("Still, If It Was Fate…") – Narration by Eun Ho
13. PikeulByeong ("Pickles") – Instrumental
14. BonaeJi Mothan Maeum ("The Heart You Can’t Send Away") – Guitar version
15. Breeze Up – Samba version
16. Abeoji Malsseum ("Dad’s Words") – Narration by Dad
17. …Happy Ending – Narration by Eun Ho
18. DangshinUi YeonaeShidae, Love is 2 ("Your Age of Love, Love is 2") – Lee Ha Na (1:27)
Disc 2 – Bonus CD
01. BiOn Dwi ("After The Rain") – Han Choong Wan
02. Memories of You – Han Choong Wan
03. Cheonggak JangAe ("Deaf") – Bremen
04. Neo DdaemunIYa ("It’s Because of You") – Bremen
05. Joy – Seba
06. Waltz Amabile – Seba
07. Elegy for Reminiscence – Seba
08. Flying Free – Seba
09. Gift – Jung Won Young Band
10. NaeGen Cheonsa Gateun ("Like an Angel to Me") – Jung Won Young Band
11. Sagwa ("Apology") – Bulldog Mansion
12. Johayo ("I Like It") – Bulldog Mansion

Beyond the interesting characters and compelling storyline, it’s hard not to remember the wonderful music when you think of Alone in Love. One of the most refreshing dramas of 2006, this SBS romance drama starring Son Ye Jin and Gam Woo Sung transcended its genre with wonderful acting, a mature screenplay, and a relaxed, film-like atmosphere.

Relive the magic of Alone in Love with this special collector’s OST and Song Book set. The original soundtrack CD features veteran artists like Lee Moon Se and Cho Won Sun (the lead singer of acid pop band Rollercoaster), Noh Young Shim’s beautiful melodies, the singing debuts of actresses Son Ye Jin and Lee Ha Na, and narrations from the drama. Along with the OST, the set also comes with with a special book with drama stills and thoughts from the cast and crew along and an extra CD of love songs by the artists who took part in the OST. – credits to YesAsia

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Source: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung

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