Oct 10, 2006

The Korean film “Little Brother” directed by Lim Tai-hyung has won the top prize at an international children’s film festival held in Germany. The film’s producer, MK Pictures, said Monday that “Little Brother” shared the Lucas Award with the German film “Paula’s Secret” at the Lucas International Children’s Film Festival which ran from Sept. 24 until Oct. 1.

Among 13 feature and eight short films in the competition category, Lim’s work was recognized for maintaining its humor and not becoming sentimental despite its serious topic. A total of 123 films were submitted to the festival.

Based on a true story, “Little Brother” deals with the life of a boy diagnosed with cancer and the boy’s little brother. Park Ji-bin, who played the little brother, won the Silver Iris Award for Best Actor at the New Montreal Filmfest in Canada in September.

The Korean director said, “I would like to express my gratitude to the children who were fighting cancer at a hospital where the film was shot, and who are now in the heaven. I owe this honor to them.”

Source: KBS Global