10/10/06 – Lee Chang Hoon (이창훈) will costar with Shin Ae Ra to lead the 20-episode Friday drama “My Love (마이 러브)”, aka “La La La House”, scheduled to be aired by SBS on 11/17 following the final episode of “My Love motnani”.  This romantic drama portrays that a man and a woman had their first kiss in high school and then broke up.  Few years later, they came across each other again.  However, the heroine has become a widow raising her children alone.

LCH plays the main male lead who is an elite member of a consulting firm.  Although the main male lead and the heroine had a first kiss in high school, he had to leave to study abroad.  After he returns to Korea, he learns that the heroine had already been a housewife with four children including a twin.  However, the heroine is a widow because her husband passed away in an accident of paragliding.  After they meet again, they fall in love with each other.  LCH played a similar character in the KBS drama “My Sweetheart (어여쁜 당신)”.  His latest drama was “The Ballad of Suh Dong”.