Oct 13, 2006

Singer Lee Seung-hwan will participate in a joint Korea-Japan peace concert along with Japanese singer Toshi, the vocalist of the legendary rock band X-Japan.

Aimed at expanding cultural exchange and promoting cultural understanding between the two nations, the concert will be held on Nov. 4 this year in Seoul and sometime in the first half of next year in Sapporo, Japan.

For the November performance, the two "kings of live performance" will try to show all they have as singers representing their respective countries.

Lee was chosen to represent Korea as a result of Toshi’s direct request. The Japanese vocalist expressed his strong intent to perform with Lee to the Korean Foundation Cultural Center, the Korean organizer of the concert. It is considered important for top singers of each country to appear in the concert to gain public support for the concert’s cause.

The concert will serve as an opportunity for Lee to promote himself in Japan. It has significance not only for the singer but also for the whole Korean music industry, because he will be the first Korean singer to be introduced in Japan through a live performance without releasing a record or singing a song for a TV drama.

Meanwhile, Lee has recently ended his own national tour concert, during which he said he experienced his fans’ love for him. Currently he is devoting himself to working on his ninth album, "Hwantastic," to be released on Nov. 11. He will also appear in the Seoul Music Festival on Oct. 15.

"I have been getting strength and energy from my fans who come to my concerts and cheer me on," Lee said. "I will do my best to show all I have, so that audiences can enjoy a real live concert at both events."

Source: KBS Global