Shin Seung Hoon Vol. 10 – The Romanticist

written by jahye

Two years since the release of his ninth album, the King of Ballads has returned on Oct 10 with his 10th album, The Romanticist. Even with a career lasting as long as his, Shin Seung Hun never fails to deliver with each album. In his latest, The Romanticist, Shin tells the same story he’s been telling his whole life, the story of a ballad, but he also presents a variety of styles ranging from tango to jazz.

From the first track, Dream of My Life, you remember again how Shin earned the honorary title of the King of Ballads. Powerful and moving, you can only hope to hear him sing this live. The album takes a different turn starting with 송연비가 (Sad Song of Fate) (track 2). Aside from selling this tango song with his voice alone, the orchestra and guitar accompaniment create a very beautiful instrumental composition. Not just tango, but Shin ventures into other styles of music throughout the whole album. 시간을 뒤로 걸어 (Walking Back In Time) (track 4) is perfect in its subtlety in sound and jazzy overtones. Along with that easy listening track, 그런가요 (Really?) (track 7) is as beautiful with more of a bossa nova rhythm. It’s amazing how his voice can adapt so perfectly in all these styles. He even challenges himself in the swing style with I Luv U I Luv U I Luv U (track 8). And if that’s not enough variety for you, 로미오&줄리엣Ⅱ (That’s It) (track 11) has some gospel flavor to it. Now those are just some of the major highlights in the album that lie outside his forte, the ballad. The last two tracks bring the album back full circle. 어떡하죠 (Wonderful World) (track 14) and 그래도 사랑이다 (What Can I Do?) (track 15) are songs featured on the OSTs of 천국의 나무 and 이 죽일 놈의 사랑, respectively, and a beautiful note on which to end the album.

Rating: 5/5

Give these tracks a listen: Dream of My Life, 시간을 뒤로 걸어 (Walking Back In Time) , I Luv U I Luv U I Luv U, 그런가요 (Really?), 송연비가 (Sad Song of Fate) , 그래도 사랑이다 (What Can I Do?), Lady

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