Bi Vol. 4 – Rain’s World (released)
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They call them multitainers, artists who try their hands at singing, acting, emceeing and more. But it takes more than luck and a little hard work if you want to avoid becoming a jack of all trades, master of none. One of the few artists in Korea who seems to fit the bill of multitainer perfectly is Rain. He has starred in three successful TV dramas and his debut film, I’m a Cyborg, but That’s Ok with Old Boy director Park Chan Wook, will be hitting theaters this year. Considering his incredible popularity all over Asia and his recent inroads into the US market, marked by a concert at Madison Square Garden, it doesn’t take much to realize just how much talent this young man possesses.

Two years after his last album, Rain finally comes back with his fourth, which promises to be the most important of his career. To promote the release, Rain will be going on a world tour. The tour will start in Seoul and include stops in the US, Japan, China, Singapore, and more, for a total of 35 concerts in 12 countries. What stands out in particular is his concert in Las Vegas, another first for one of Korea’s most talented artists. – credits to YesAsia

Big Mama Vol. 3 – For The People (released)
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01. Sister
02. After the break up
03. Never Mind
04. Blessing
05. Love, attach wings
06. Forgive all (Dedicated to a downtrodden flower bud)
07. Calling
08. Feeling of a good day
09. While going to the beach one day
10. Yeon [연(捐)]
11. Yelling out love
12. Get out
13. Thanks to…

Big Mama went under some changes, but still carries on singing wonderful music. R&B female group ‘Big Mama’ has returned to their fans after a year with more of a speculative image and poise. This album consists of each member’s different styles as singers while also showing off their new image change. Just like the album title/theme [For the people], Big Mama’s 3rd album is about people going through pain, but also receiving warm comfort and encouraging messages by singing. Telling the world or to that special someone of all the things that a person would want to say. Their title song "Never Mind" is a very energetic song that is filled with encouraging messages.

The Big Mama members will individually show their own style of music/singing. "Never Mind" is a very airy song that will have the people go on a journey from the start to end of the song. As you listen to the song, you’ll be able to get into the rhythm. It’s a fast upbeat song. "Never mind" was produced by ‘Lee Hyun-Jung, who also produced "Break Away" (2003) and "Woman" (2005). Singer, Lee Juk produced and wrote the lyric to the song called "Sister" and Lee Hyung-Jung produced "After the break up". "Love, attach wings" is a beautiful song that Big Mama enjoyed recording. All their songs are enjoyable to listen to. There are four songs that were sung indivudually by the members, which are: "Forgive all" (Shin Yeon-Ah), "Calling" (Lee Ji-Young), "Yeon" (Lee Young-Hyun) and "Yelling out love" (Park Min-Hae). After releasing their 3rd album, they will be doing a lot of performances to get closer with their fans. Starting December 2006, they’ll hold many concerts and performances. Big Mama will make an appearance to their fans on October 13th. – credits to purpletiger86

Source: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung

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