Twelve K-pop stars, led by Fly to the Sky, SG Wannabe and Shinhwa members Lee Min-woo and Junjin, will participate in a showcase in Shanghai, China on Nov. 4, according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s Korea Culture and Content Agency.

Yonhap news agency reported that the “Feel the K-pop in Shanghai’’ showcase will also feature other popular singers and groups such as former H.O.T. member Tony An, Wheesung, Kim Hyun-chol, V.O.S. and Typhoon.

On Nov. 3, a business meeting will take place between Korean and Chinese music industry executives at the Regency Hotel in Shanghai.

“Korean pop music has been loved in Asia for the past seven to eight years, but the popularity was not linked to the market and didn’t lead to real business opportunities. We hope this event will bring positive results for the music industry in China and Korea,’’ Korea Culture and Content agency president Suh Byung-moon said in a statement.

K-pop music, as well as TV dramas and movies, has become very popular in China. Last Oct. 2, a concert featuring K-pop stars like Kang Ta, Chang Na-ra and Bada was held at the closing ceremony of the Formula 1 Grand Prix competition in Shanghai. It was reportedly attended by 20,000 people.

words: By Cathy Rose A. Garcia, Staff Reporter The Korea Times

src: The Korea Times