In recent years, more international fans have gathered at the Pusan International Film Festival to see Hallyu stars.

The popularity of Hallyu stars at the 11th annual Pusan Film Festival, which started on the 12th, hasn’t died out.

Hallyu fans from Japan, China, and other countries gathering and attending events at the film festival has already become of the norm.

On the night of the 15th, the heat of the Hallyu fans’ support could be felt at the press conference for ‘Geu Hae Yeoreum (The Summer of that Year)’ starring Lee Byeong Heon and Soo Ae which was held at Pusan’s Haeundae Paradise Hotel.

Fans gathered around the hotel lobby and entrance of the event hall to see Lee Byeong Heon who seems to be at the peak of his popularity in Japan. There were also many press personnel that gathered to report on Lee Byeong Heon who hasn’t appeared at official events for a while.

There were some difficulties at the beginning of the event due to the many people that gathered for the conference.

Such scenes were not just limited to events with Lee Byeong Heon. On the 14th, the day before, fans gathered at the outdoor stage to see Jo In Sung in an event for ‘The Dirty Carnival.’

The hosts had to alert fans to prevent any accidents from occurring in case audience members ran from the steep seating area to the stage.

Pusan International Film Festival has settled to be the largest film festival in Asia and the popularity of the Hallyu stars found there were still in present progressive form.

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