10/16/06 – Singer Se7en (세븐, aka Choi Dong Wook, 최동욱), Huh Yi Jae (허이재), Kangdu (강두) and Park Shin Hye (박신혜) are selected to lead the drama “Palace 2 – Prince House (궁2)” scheduled to be aired by MBC early next year. 

Supporting cast including Kim Hye Ja, Yoon Yoo Sun, and Park Chan Hwan (김혜자, 윤유선, 박찬환) will once again collaborate in this drama.  The filming is scheduled to begin in November.

In this drama, Se7en plays the role Lee Hoo (이후) who is a delightful and optimistic young man living a carefree life before he is suddenly informed that he will succeed the throne.  Lee Hoo’s partner, who grew up with him since childhood, is played by HYJ.  After the revelation of the fact of the royal family, she starts her cautious life in the palace. Kangdu plays the role Lee Joon (이준) who has been on the orthodox elite path and is a candidate to become the emperor.  PSH plays the role Shin Se Ryung (신세령) who is beautiful and has superior capability.  Se Ryung is the only child of a noble family and is ambitious to become the empress.  HYJ’s latest project was the movie “Dirty Carnival (비열한 거리)” and PSH’s previous drama was “Tree of Heaven”.