Oct 18, 2006

Korean top actress Kim Tae-hee will have to compete with Taiwanese top actress Suh Qi at the box office in December, when movies starring the two are released simultaneously.

The competition between "The Restless" and "My Wife is a Gangster 3" is tantamount to competition between CJ Entertainment and Showbox, the country’s two largest film distributors. Because CJ and Showbox have earned approximately the same amount of profits from the success of "The King and The Clown" and "The Host," respectively, the success of the new films will decide the winner of the box office this year.

The competition has already started as the two revealed three-minute previews of their films as part of an event at the Pusan International Film Festival. CJ held an event entitled "Invitation to ‘The Restless’" at the Haeundae Grand Hotel in Pusan (also spelled Busan) on Saturday, while Showbox gave a presentation to introduce its lineup at a nightclub in Haeundae, Pusan on Monday.

"The Restless," set in an imaginary place in mid-heaven where dead spirits must stay for 49 days, set itself apart with eye-catching computer graphics. Kim impressed viewers with her sharp actions in which she flourished a long sword wearing a loose outfit.

Suh Qi, wearing a traditional Chinese dress, also impressed viewers with her powerful actions in "My Wife is a Gangster 3," which features a grander scale compared to the previous titles in the series.

Source: KBS Global