Oct 23, 2006

By Han Eun-jung
Staff Reporter

The Korea Drama Festival 2006 will start this week in Chinju, South Kyongsang Province.

A variety of events, including drama screenings and celebrity fan meetings, will take place under this year’s theme "water, light and stars" in Chinjusong and on the banks of Nam River from Oct. 26-29.

Actors Song Il-guk, left, and Han
Hye-jin, stars of the popular
historical drama "Chumong,"
currently airing on MBC, will make
an appearance at the Korea
Drama Festival in Chinju, South
Kyongsang Province on Oct. 28.

The Korea Drama Festival, organized by Kyongsang Province and the city of Chinju, was launched last year.
This year, not only have a wider range of sights and activities been prepared, but top industry insiders will be making appearances throughout the festival.

The first day will see "Hallyu" stars Kim Jae-won and Park Sol-mi, veteran actors Lim Dong-jin, Bae Jong-ok, Sa Mi-ja open the festival and take part in the follow-up event "The Star." Hong Kong stars Jordan Chan, Chang Min and Japanese Shioya Shun will also be attending. "The Star" will offer festivalgoers the chance to watch clips from popular dramas in the presence of celebrities hosting the event. The stars will also be sharing their own personal experiences in shooting dramas.

Next TXGV!, MC Mong, along with 10 other big K-pop names, will take the stage for the taping of Show! Music Focus, a weekly music countdown program that airs on Munhwa Broadcasting Company (MBC).

On the second and third days, festivalgoers will have the opportunity to meet and take part in group discussions with renowned drama producers such as Ko Dong-sun of "Sweet Spy" (Talkomhan Supai), Kim Jong-hyuk of "Shoot for the Stars" and others.

A talent search for the next Bae Yong-jun (or Yon-sama as he is better known as to his Japanese fans) and Lee Young-ae of "The Jewel in the Palace" will be held on the second day.

A fashion show by local designer in Andre Kim in which actor Cha In-pyo of the recent blockbuster "Hanbando" make an appearance is planned for the third day. The event will be followed by a fan meeting with the cast of the most-watched drama today "Jumong." Song Il-guk, Han Hye-jin and others are scheduled to attend the event.

The festival will come to a close with a music concert and fireworks on Oct. 29.

Kim Tae-ho, South Kyongsang Province governor and chairman of the organizing committee, expressed high hopes for this year’s festival. "We plan to see that this festival held in Chinju becomes Asia’s premier drama celebration," Kim said in a press release.

All the events are free. For more information, visit www.kdfo.org or call (055)755-2363-4.


Source: The Korea Times


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