Se7en Vol. 4 – Se7olution (November 2)
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1. Se7olution (Intro)
2. Girl Friend
3. La La La (title)
4. I’ll do well
5. Last of Diary
6. Again
7. Can you feel me
8. Similar love
9. I’m sorry
10. Oh~
11. Get up and dance
12. Give me permission
13. Soliloquy
14. Promise

Se7en’s evolution, Se7en’s new discovery…Se7olution!

Se7en has been casted as the male lead actor for a new Korean drama called ‘Goong 2’. This will be his first acting experience. His fourth album was created by the best producers and he’s preparing to step into the U.S. music market. Se7en has become one of the most popular artistes in Korea. He will join forces with album producers Mark Shimmel (worked with Tony Braxton, Usher, Jay-Z) and Rich Harrison (worked with Beyonce, Usher, Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliot) to make himself known worldwide as a singer.

In November, Se7en will return to his fans with his new fourth album entitled ‘Se7olution’. There are a lot more ballad tracks in his fourth album. Se7en expects to concentrate on his fourth album activities for a while by singing and putting on great stage performances. Se7en will show more of his singing abilities as a vocalist, which he wasn’t able to show with his previous albums because it was hidden through the beats and his dance performances. He sang the chorus parts for all of his songs. We will be able to hear Se7en’s voice clearly throughout each track. Teddy from 1TYM and producer Perry have contributed in making Se7en’s title song called "La La La". The song is about a man having a hard time accepting a woman who has fallen for someone else. Lee Young-Hyun, a member of Big Mama, contributed by writing the lyrics to one of the tracks in this album, called ‘I’ll Do Well". Se7en wrote the lyrics to two of the tracks in his fourth album called ‘Girl Friend and ‘Promise’.

Se7en’s fourth album will be released on Nov 2. – credits to purpletiger86

Hwang Jin Yi OST (KBS TV Series) (November 2)
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1. HaeUhHwa (Kim Jung-Eun)
2. Bad person (Baek Ji-Young)
3. Flower day
4. UngKwee Wind
5. Watch it then (Choi Hae-Jin)
6. Yaein’s road
7. Anxiety
8. Yeon (KCM)
9. HaeUhHwa (Choi Hae-Jin)
10. Bad person (inst.)
11. Watch it then (inst.)
12. Love / Charity
13. YaHwa
14. Leaf
15. Roo (Kim Dong-Wook)
16. Heartless flower

Hwang Jin Yi OST released!!!

Hwang Jin Yi, who was known as one of the most famous heroines during the Joseon dynasty, is grabbing TV viewers’ attention through a drama. This OST album is created very artistically and will express Hwang Jin Yi’s life through music. Hwang Jin Yi’s theme song, "Bad Person", was produced with 24 different string instruments and was sung by Baek Ji Young. Her sorrowful voice expresses very well the hidden love in someone’s heart. KCM, Choi Hae-Jin, Kim Dong-Wook and Kim Ae-Ra, who did the open instrumentals, all contributed to this album. This is a very emotional and sensational OST album that is bound to grab the attention of the audience. – credits to purpletiger86

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Source: YesAsia, Annyoung, Hanteo

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