Our featured artist this week is hip-hop duo Bae Chi Gi, which means "a fishermen’s song to wish for a safe cruise and abundant catch". After a highly acclaimed first album last year, the duo recently released their 2nd album. The title song "마이동풍" (My Way) has captured many fans for its creativity. Its blends an opera sound in the beginning with a a quick flow of rap. The song hit the top 5, and is a good introduction to the mainstream audience. In addition, Bae Chi Gi’s 2nd album is also one of the top 10 album in the album sales chart of September 2006. This duo is definitely going to be a force in Korean hip-hop for years to come. Let’s find out more about them:


Real name : Jeong Moo-woong
Date of birth : April 6th, 1983
Height : 181 cm
Blood type : A
Hobby : Sports
Motto : To reap what one has sown.
Education : Myungji University
Favorite musicians : MC Sniper, Yim Jae-beom

Real name : Lee Ki-cheol
Date of birth : September 10th, 1983
Height : 179 cm
Blood type : B
Hobbies : Listening to music, reading books, writing lyrics, watching movies
Motto : Make things possible.
Talent : Freestyle rap
Favorite musicians : MC Sniper, Cho PD, Stevie Wonder


The hip-hop duo Bae Chi Gi originally formed in 1999 is made up of members Moowoong and Tak. Performing in the underground music scene around the clubs near Hongik University, Bae Chi Gi met MC Sniper whom they formed a musical clan called Buddha Baby. MC Sniper made his official debut in the local music world by releasing his first album “So Sniper” and Bae Chi Gi participated in the album production, performances on air and concerts. Thus, the hip-hop duo had already secured a large number of fans already before their official debut in the major pop music stages. Bae Chi Gi is evaluated as the best musicians among the many members of Buddha Baby who underwent intense training and achieved performing experiences in various stages led by MC Sniper. MC Sniper produced all tracks in Bae Chi Gi’s first album that took 10 months to make.

In 2006, Bae Chi Gi released their 2nd album titled ""마이동풍" (My Way). The title song of the same name successfully crossed over to the mainstream k-pop, and the album also tops the sales chart even with very strong competiton.


Giant (1st album, 2005) : Giant, Unfade, Nice to Meet You, Jackson 5, Headache Concert Information
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마이동풍(馬耳東風) (2nd album, 2006) : 마이동풍(My Way)
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credits to KBS World

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