Jaurim Vol. 6 – Ashes to Ashes (released)
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01. Seoul blues
02. Loving memory
03. Jester song
04. You and me
05. Summer slumber
06. An assembly for dead people
07. Beautiful girl
08. Over and over again I think of you
09. June story
10. Comfort
11. Old man
12. Blue devils
13. Good boy
14. OH, MAMA!
15. Shining

Korea’s best rock band ‘Jarium’ has made a comeback after two long years with their sixth album titled “Ashes to ashes”. The black and white tone of their sixth album jacket is different from their fifth album concept (title song was: HaHaHa song), which was more of a pink tone. Jarium debuted in 1997 and has become one of the most well known rock bands in Korea. Unlike their past albums, they have used their own instruments to create their own style of sound and electronic rhythm for their music. Jarium said that their even numbered albums are always heavy and gloomy.and just as they said, their sixth album title “ashes to ashes’ will bring out a heavy mood. Kim Yoon-Ah wrote and produced the song “you and me’ which is about a lovers’ relationship. The theme of this song is about people’s troubles when it comes to communicating. This song was produced by each and every one of their band member’s instruments (Electric guitar, drum, key board). They have worked very hard on this song which is also going to be used as their title song. Jarium will continue to perform on stage and hold concerts. They will start their first concert from October 19th to October 22nd at Yong-San GookRip Museum Theatre. – credits to purpletiger86

Uhm Jung Hwa Vol.9 – Come 2 Me (October 23)
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1. Friday night
2. Shining star
3. Come 2 me (Title song)
4. Gammer
5. Dirty…Romantic
6. Song of wind
7. Tam
8. DANCE with me
9. Ticket to the moon
10. October 16, 1996: Weather is clear
11. Majesty’s purity
12. Innocence
13. I Love you I love you

“The rebirth of a dazzling dancing queen”

Being called “Korea’s Madonna” and “dancing queen”, Uhm Jung Hwa has done a lot of movies, dramas, commercials and released several albums. Always putting her heart into her work, she has become a songwriter as well as a singer for her ninth album. Group W, casker, peppertons and songwriters Bang Shi-Hyuk, Kim Do-Hyun has contributed to this album. This album was made with the help of great musicians such as Rollercoaster’s Jinu. While in the process of recording her album, Uhm Jung Hwa kept monitoring her own tracks and thought of variety of ideas to make her album better. Through this album, Uhm Jung Hwa will reborn as a new artist and a songwriter. – credits to purpletiger86

Jang Woo Hyuk Vol. 2 – My Way (October 24)
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1. Oh, No! – featuring Sato
2. GeoinGwa Nanjaengi ("The Dwarf and The Giant") – featurig Rado
3. Noran Syasseueui Sanai ("The Man in the Yellow Shirt") – featuring Tak Jae Hoon
4. Sunny – featuring Han Ester
5. One Night Love – featuring Yuri
6. Jinjja Namja ("Real Man") – featuring Yang Jung Eun
7. Dance Machine – featuring Supacool and Yuri
8. Majimak Ipse ("The Last Leaf") – featuring Jung In
9. Mr. Jackson – featuring Nam Hoon and Park Jang Geun of Supersta

A former member of H.O.T. and JTL, Jang Woo Hyuk is one of the most popular young singers in the country, combining exciting dance numbers with his rapping skills. A little over a year after his solo debut, he’s finally back with another dose of adrenaline-filled, Jang Woo Hyuk-style sound.
Participating in this second album are movie star-cum-MC and singer Tak Jae Hoon, Jung In formerly of Leessang, Nam Hoon and Park Jang Geun of Supersta, and many more musical luminaries. This second album is a particularly important moment in Jang’s career, as he’s hitting 10 years in the business, a period which saw him change from a boy band pop idol to a solo singer with a stronger, more mature and masculine appeal. His track Mr. Jackson in particular mixes party hip-hop sensibilities with a Michael Jackson-like pop aura, making it one of his most unique songs to date. Also of note is a remake of 60s hit The Man in the Yellow Shirt, which uses sampling of Han Myung Sook’s original song combined with Jang’s modern sound. – credits to YesAsia

Kim Tae Woo Vol.1 – Solo Special (October 26)
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1. Song, please tell me
2. A letter that can’t be sent
4. Words that I want to say
5. M.U.S.I.C (feathering Lim Jung-Hee)
6. I Love U Oh Thank U (featuring MC Mong)
7. Blue inside of you (featuring Lyn)
8. Instant (featuring PSY)
9. In the name of friend (featuring Son Ho-Young)
10. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter (featuring Soo-Ho)

Member of G.O.D, Kim Tae-Woo has released his first solo album!!!

Attracting people as a vocalist, Kim Tae Woo’s first solo album has finally been released. As a musician, Kim Tae-Woo’s title song will be ‘Words that I want to say’. The album has a total of ten tracks in which five tracks have other artists featuring in them. His album consist of R&B, ballad, pop ballad and funky. Kim Tae-Woo worked with one of Korea’s best hit song makers, Lee Hyun-Seung to make his album a level higher. Through this album, Kim Tae-Woo will finally express the words that he always wanted to express. – credits to purpletiger86

Other releases:

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Eddie – 사랑, 스무살 (October 23)
Kim Jang Hoon Vol. 9 – It’s Me (October 25)
Han Dae Soo Vol. 12 – 육망 (October 26)
Rada Vol. 1 – Change With Another Flow (October 26)
Maronie Girls Vol. 1 (October 26)

Sources: YesAsia, Annyoung, Hanteo

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