Nov 6, 2006

Singer BoA gave a concert November 5 in Tokyo to mark her 20th birthday.

Japanese dailies reported November 6 that BoA’s concert drew some 2,700 fans who congratulated her on her birthday.

Prior to the concert, BoA said to a group of journalists that she wants to become a "magnanimous woman." Japanese singer Aya Matsuura wrote jokingly in her congratulatory message to BoA that she can finally take her out for drinks. In response, BoA wrote she would like to visit some vintage bar, and also wants to fall in love.

At the concert, male duo M-flo congratulated BoA by pouring champagne into a 180-cm tower made of 55 glasses.

BoA sang 18 songs, including “Winter Love,” while her fans sang a Happy Birthday song to her.

The singer also told her fans that she will launch a nationwide tour of Japan in March next year.

Source: KBS Global