Nov 9, 2006

Director Park Chan Wook’s newest film ‘Cyborg, but okay’ (Moho Film Production) held a production press conference at the Seoul Imperial Palace Hotel on the 9th.

This is the first film that fulfilled Director Park’s wish of directing a melodrama movie. The genre is also a romantic comedy. The overall plot and expressions have gotten much brighter compared to his previous film as well.

This movie gathered attention as the ‘world star’ Jung Ji Hoon (Bi) and Lim Soo Jung who is known for her well-acted roles were casted as the main leads and is Jung Ji Hoon’s first appearance on the big screen.

The movie is set in a mental hospital and is about the love story of Young Goon (Lim Soo Jung) who believes herself is a cyborg and Il Soon (Jung Ji Hoon) who loves her regardless.

At the press conference, Director Park, Jung Ji Hoon, Lim Soo Jung, and others were present.

Director Park said he created a movie that seems like it would smell fresh and fruity while Lim Soo Jung commented that she considered Young Goon to be a sheet of white paper and acted freely to create the character.

Jung Ji Hoon who plays the role of Il Soon said, "The Director, my partner Lim Soo Jung, and all the other staff were so great that it was a fun production."

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