Lee Seung Hwan Vol.9 – Hwantastic (released)
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1. This song
2. Shade
3. Healthy concord songs
4. How can love be that way?
5. Husband
6. Moonlight girl
7. Communication fallacy
8. Cry
9. Hand
10. Rewind
11. Pray for me
12. We are the Dream Factory
13. No pain No pain

Lee Seung Hwan’s 9th album will be his last album!! Well known for his great live performances, Lee Seung Hwan’s 9th album titled ‘Hwantastic’ will be a package full of endless sensation. Lee Seung Hwan has always been a fantastic musician that brought out the variety of colors in music. Knowing that this album is his last, he thought this album deserved to show the best of him. Famous musicians from other foreign countries have contributed to Lee’s album to bring out the best sound with a splash of sensation. His title song is called ‘How can love be like that?’. All the tracks in this album are produced so that it stands up to no complaint.

GAVY NJ Vol.2 – THE VERY SURPRISE (November 13)
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1. She’s crying
2. Standing on the opposite side
3. Beautiful day
4. Love poem
5. No words
6. In mind
7. Again, again, again
8. Come back
9. Smile
10. Love is hard
11. Fire light…
12. Hair
13. Only you

There will be no time for waiting anymore. Having great passion for the things they do, GAVY NJ has the charms that no other can portray. These ladies are back with a new and passionate appearance for their 2nd album titled ‘The Very Surprise’.

GAVY NJ received much love from their fans with their great singing vocals in the year 2006 when they became to be known as one of the best Korean female group band. They are well known for singing minor ballad songs that are sung with great power. The best lyric writers like Kim Do-Hoon, Kim Sae-Jin, Jung Byung-Kyu, Suh Jung-Jin and so forth have contributed to this album. GAVY NJ is making a come back with the best songs for their fans. This group has already shown their fans how great their music is as well as their music videos which we can always look forward to. We can also look forward to their come back with a new image and their powerful passion for music.

Jun Jin First Single – Love Doesn’t Come (November 16)
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1. Love doesn’t come
2. Even if it’s a thousand times
3. Come back to me
4. Love doesn’t come (Inst.)

Well known as a dancing king, Junjin has changed into a smooth man! Junjin’s first single album is called ‘Love Doesn’t Come’. He is a member of the popular boy band called Shinhwa. Not only known as a singer, but also an actor and a MC, Junjin can be known as a multi-entertainer. His first single album will be released on November 11th, 2006.

-Junjin’s new change! Ballad title song ‘Love doesn’t come’-

Junjin attempted a new change from a powerful dancing king and performer to changing his appearance to a smooth man. His title song titled “Love doesn’t come” was written by Lee Yoon-Jae who has written songs for DongBangShinKi’s ‘The time I promised’ and Fly to the Sky’s ‘Don’t know love’. This will be the first time seeing Junjin sing a ballad song, which is definitely a new change we will be able to look forward to. This song is about a man who is having a hard time forgetting about his lover that he broke up with. It’s a sad ballad track filled with emotion. Besides his title song, there is an upbeat dance song titled ‘Come back to me’ that will bring out an electronic synthesizer sound and strong beat. An excellent song that will show 100 percent of Junjin’s dancing skills. There are a variety of music styles in this single album.

SG Wannabe Yong Jun & Brown Eyed Girls Ga-In Single (November 17)
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1. Must Have Love
2. Must Have Friends
3. Must Have Love (melody version)
4. Must Have Friends (rhythm cut)
5. Must Have Love (instrument)
6. Must Have Friends (instrument)


1. Must Have Love M/V
2. Must Have Friends M/V
3. SG Wannabe & Brown Eyed Girls Music Drama

This album is a special collaboration of Korea’s best and talented artists. SG Wannabe and Brown Eyed Girls duet album!

With every album release, SG Wannabe is well known for singing great ballad songs. Member Yong-Joon has a smooth voice that is filled with emotions.

Brown Eyed Girls released one album that was full of R&B and hip hop tracks. They also collaborated with Jo PD for a project single song called ‘Hold the line’. Brown Eyed Girls youngest member named Ga-In has a husky and powerful voice.

This is collaboration between SG Wannabe’s member Yong-Joon and Brown Eyed Girl’s member Ga-In. It will be the start of a warm autumn story.

As One Vol.5 – Twelve different tears that a break-up leaves behind (November 17)
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1. Intro
2. Everything
3. A person, as a person forgets
4. Narration
5. 12 yah
6. Louie
7. As Friends
8. Waterfall
9. Intro
10. For awhile
11. Burry the tears
12. Immature me
13. For now on

Always singing from the heart with a dreamy voice, As One has finally returned after two years. As One’s fifth album titled “Twelve different tears that a break-up leaves behind’ compiled a variety of stories that revolve around pain, sadness, happiness and resentment that anybody can feel through the heart. Singing a common love story doesn’t necessarily feel appealing all the time. From all these years of practice, As One has put much effort to create their type of singing style. For these two years, they wanted to create a beautiful voice that brings out the wonderful vocal sound in their music. We will be able to see a new change in them through their fifth album. Especially their title song called ’12 ya’ is a song that only As One can successfully sing because it’s a genre that they are capable to sing. They are expected to showcase their fifth album by holding a club tour in Korea.

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Source: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung

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