Our featured artist this week is ERU. He is better known as the son of famous trot singer Tae Jin Ah, but recently we all know him better with the lovely ballad "Black Glasses", one of my favorite ballads of this year. Unlike his father’s music style, ERU is good at R&B ballad songs. Let’s find out more about him:


Date of birth : July 5th, 1983
Physique : 184cm, 73kg
Education : Berkley College of Music
Hobbies : Playing the piano, watching movies, exercising, games
Talents : Writing song and lyrics


Eru, the son of Tae Jin-ah, one of Korea’s most renowned traditional pop singers, entered the K-pop scene himself, during a break from Berkley College of Music. He underwent 2 years of strict training before releasing his debut album in 2005. Eru’s debut album included the work of top musicians such as Joo Young-hoon, Lee Hyun-jeong, the composer of Big Mama’s “Break Away” and vocal trainer Noh Young-joo, who also trained BoA, Fly to the Sky and Lee Soo-young. Top session players in Korea also participated on the album along with a 100-member string orchestra.
In 2006, Eru released his 2nd album entitled “LEVEL II.” The realistic and emotional lyrics and beautiful melodies on Eru’s second album show a more mature side of the singer.


Begin to Breathe (1st album, 2005) : Even in the Next Life, I’m Sorry, Looking for Memories, Say It, Life, I Don’t Know, If I Can Only Go Back
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Level II (2nd album, 2006) : Black Glasses, White Snow, Please Come Back to Me, I’ll Promise, With You, Just Leave, Heartache
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credits to KBS World