Nov 13, 2006

The male group SG Wannabe gave two concerts in Tokyo November 12 at the NHK Hall.

Although the group has not released an album in Japan yet, it gained popularity for its song “As We Live,” which was featured as the theme song of the Korean TV drama “Sad Love Song” last year.

The group’s concert in no way lagged behind the concerts of dance groups thanks to the members’ heart-moving vocals. Both concerts drew audiences of some seven thousand fans who waved signs and balloons with the members’ names written in Korean.

SG Wannabe sang its hit songs “Crime and Punishment,” “As We Live,” “Timeless,” “My Love,” “Biting My Lips” as well as remakes of hit songs of other artists such as “Between Love and Friendship” and “Treasure Box of My Heart.”

The individual performances of each member were big successes as well. Kim Yong-jun presented the audience with roses when singing Han Dong-jun’s “Loving You” and took one woman from the audience on stage to present her with a stuffed toy and flowers, evoking jealousy from other women in the audience.

Chae Dong-ha reenacted a scene from the movie “Love Actually” by turning over several sheets of paper that read, “I’m Chae Dong-ha from Korea. We were able to become one despite language barriers thanks to you. Do you think I can do well?” He also sang Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You’ve Been Gone,” showing off his ability as a rock singer.

Kim Jin-ho sang Maxwell’s “This Woman’s Work” and “Friend” by the Japanese band Anzen Chitai.

The female band SeeYa appeared as a guest performer at the concerts to sing “Because I Love You” along with SG Wannabe and two of its other songs.

When SG Wannabe appeared onstage in a curtain call, everybody in the audience responded with a standing ovation, with some holding placards reading, “Come to Japan again.”

One woman from the audience said she became SG Wannabe’s fan after her friend introduced her to the group. She said the voices of the band members were unique and could not be found in Japan.

One of SG Wannabe’s concerts was attended by top Korean star Lee Hyo-ree, who has recently joined the same management agency as the group.

Source: KBS Global

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