Nov 14, 2006

By Chung Ah-young
Staff Reporter

Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) has decided to discontinue a year-end music award ceremony, according to a local online news outlet.

"We’ve decided to shut down the program two or three months ago, as the music awards have sparked controversy over fairness," Choi Young-guen, director of the entertainment division of the broadcaster, said in a telephone interview with My Daily.

The decision also came as a growing number of the year-end awards have sprung up in major broadcasters including SBS and KBS and it is getting difficult to differentiate between awards.

"It is a pity to abolish the music awards program for us because we have given the awards since the establishment of the MBC radio station. But to cope with changes in our time, we have decided to temporarily close it," he said.

Various factors such as album charts, contributions to TV shows in each channel and votes from fans are considered in the selection of the winners at music awards ceremonies.

But the awards have failed to meet the expectations of viewers who have fast changing tastes as there is no consistency in the nomination of singers for the awards, prompting many fans to complain about fairness.

MBC has given the awards to 10 singers and pop groups. But many pop stars are finding it hard to attend the many ceremonies organized by major broadcasters.

Last year, SG Wannabe provoked controversy by refusing to attend the MBC Music Awards ceremony.

However, MBC will continue to hold other year-end awards ceremonies for the best actors and actresses.


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