SG Wannabe – The Precious History (Best Hits Album) (released)
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SG Wannabe’s forever gold hits are ready to please music fans like never before.

The celebrated R&B vocal group presents their whole spectrum of favorites complete with new promising songs including "Love" (CD3 – Track 3). The latter is a collaboration song with Vibe that is packed with the harmony voices of the 2 groups’ united 5 vocalists. What’s more, Untouchable and "Vanishing with the Wind" (CD3 – Track 2) that came to life as part of the sensational team-up with Vibe, M To M, and Kim Jong Kook during their earlier Big4 activity are also on this compilation. In addition, featuring other guest artists like hip hop group Dynamic Duo and new generation band Buzz, all the favorite hits including "Crime and Punishment" (CD 1 – Track 8), "Hurricane" (CD 2 – Track 10), and "Dream" (CD 1 – Track 9), are included on SG Wannabe Best Album – History. – credits to YesAsia

Bada – Start (Single) (released)
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1. Go Go Go (Start)
2. There it is!
3. Pockerface (Feat.Mc Rink)
4. Go Go Go (Instrumental)

Korea’s best female singer ‘Bada’ is making a return to her fans with rock songs. Bada has gained much love from her fans with her 3rd album that was released in January of 2006. To give in return, she is releasing her first single album for her fans. Unlike her past albums which focused on ballad and dance songs, she will be showing more of punk rock music in this single album. This is a new challenge that has put Bada into a state of curiosity and nervousness. The title song called ‘Go Go Go (Start)’ is a rhythmical punk rock style of music that was written by the best lyric writer Jo Eun-Hee. Jo Eun-Hee has created many hit songs for other well known singers such as: Shin Seung-Hoon, Lee Jun-Ki, Byul, Kim Jong-Gook…etc. We will be able to hear her great singing ability through her first single album once again. – credits to purpletiger86

So Chan Hwee Vol. 8 – The Begin Again (November 20)
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1. Mom
2. Endless
3. Beautiful Night
4. 0070
5. Interlude
6. Did we love?
7. Mean
8. Season Change
9. Hey Love
10. Regret
11. Wise Choice
12. A fox relation
13. Bad greed
14. I, that can only send back

Powerful voice, So ChanWhee

8th album entitled [The Begin Again] brings out a special quality vocalism that only So Chan Whee is capable of doing. So Chan Whee, who has a powerful voice, is planning to return in 2007 with a completed album for her fans to love. She spent a year preparing for her 8th album which focused her as a rock/dance singer. She wanted to erase everything that she has shown to her fans with her 7th album, and focus back to the music genre she has shown during her first album debut as a dance singer. Singing dance songs while dancing made her a popular singer for the past couple of years. Though dancing is fun, it wasn’t the path that So Chan Whee was going for. However, her fans loved her dance songs so she decided to concentrate back on what her fans are use to seeing her as for her 8th album. She believes that good music is music that brings joy for people. After challenging herself to sing rock music during her 7th album, she wanted to return to her fans a both a dance and rock singer. – credits to purpletiger86

Loveholic – Re-wind: Remake album (November 22)
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1. Oh you are a beautiful woman
2. Wind, please halt
3. Always
4. Garden
5. Hello
6. Good day
7. Yearning road
8. Like the first feeling
9. Start
10. Happy x-mas (war is over)
11. Doll’s dream (bonus track)

A new emotion, another wind "Loveholic Re-Wind"

Loveholic has made a special remake album that consists of best hit songs during the 70’s and 80’s, which include songs like: Wind, Please halt, Always, Good day, Garden, and Yearning road. Singing remake songs had gained much attention in the year 2000 and has continued on to this day. If Loveholic did not concentrate on the whole reinvention of big hit songs in the past, they probably would have concentrated on more of the well known songs or worked on projects that they had done before they became ‘Loveholic’. There are two reasons why Loveholic is inspired to do remake songs. The first reason is to approach to a new standpoint on remake songs. The second reason is to recreate the remake song to their own style of singing while still having the real tune and originality to it. It will be interesting to see how Loveholic will add in the rock sound and other instruments in these songs. There are a total of 11 tracks. – credits to purpletiger86

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Source: YesAsia, Annyoung, Hanteo

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