Big Bing 3rd single album (released)
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The "B I G B A N G Generation" is coming.
The 5-member boy band around team leader G-Dragon with beat box and rap experts Top and Tae Yang as well as skilled harmony singers Seung Ri and Dae Sung finally returns. After their well-received debut and second single it is now time for B I G B A N G 03.

It features 5 tracks including the intro piece VICTORY that was penned and prepared by G-dragon in the band’s unique BIG BANG style. This time’s titular track B I G B A N G 03 features rap passages by G-dragon and Top, while Forever with you is fueled with rhythmical vocal arrangements. Track 4, Good Bye Baby touches the listeners with a feel of farewell and last, but not least, Dae Sung’s tune "Try Smiling" rounds everything off along with some more heartfelt voice arrangements. Set to launch their debut live concert a day before the end of 2006, the members of BIG BANG continue to spread the message "B to the I to the G, B to the A N G". – credits to YesAsia

Boo Hwal Vol. 11 – 사랑 (December 1)
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1. Hey friend, do you know? (A-Mensing)
2. Time 2
3. Love
4. Close Your Eyes
5. 1971 Summer
6. A Side Effect
7. If
8. Purity
9. Butterfly
10. Love (Piano Ver.)

Celebrating their 21st anniversary debuting as BooHwal, this legendary rock music group will officially start their music activities for this album. This is their 11th album and their title song is called "Love".

"Thank you for living inside my heart for this long. I love you for having me stand up on my two feet while I was thinking of the exhausted time…"

This is a great verse from their title song ‘Love’. This is a great rock ballad song that’ll have us think about the separation of lovers, parents who have passed away, and parting with families. The team leader, Kim Tae-Won who is in charge of producing and writing lyrics to their songs said that this is his first time writing a serious song for the past 20 years. BooHwal’s music video was filmed in GangWonDo stock farm. The female actress, Lee Sae-Eun was picked to be in the music video.

After their debut, they have made mega hit songs such as: ‘the story of you and the rain’, ‘the more I love’, ‘lonely night’, ‘never ending story’…etc. Something that is special about this album is that they created a song using, Lee Hae-In, a nun’s poem titled ‘Hey friend, do you know?’ Kim Tae-Won coincidentally met Lee Hae-In while visiting his family in the Philippines. He went to visit Lee Hae-In and invited her to his house and they shared many stories with each other, which they also came across in talking about her poem ‘Hey friend, do you know?’ This album is going to be different from all their albums in the past. – credits to purpletiger86

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Source: YesAsia, Annyoung, Hanteo