Not many changes on the top this week. Sung Shi Kyung remains No. 1 for the 5th straight week with "거리에서" (On The Street). This song’s accomplishment on our chart is amazing considered that it has so many strong challengers, and also this song falls short of No. 1 on most gayo charts. If this song is No. 1 again next week, it will become the first song on our chart to stay No. 1 for 6 consecutive weeks. It looks very likely that this song will be No. 1 again next week because the closest challengers are still quite far away in terms of scores, and there is no sign that Sung Shi Kyung is switching to another song to promote.

MC Mong’s "아이스크림" (Ice-Cream) moves back to No. 2, switching place with Lee Seung Chul’s "소리쳐". In fact, the top 8 songs are the same as last week, with only 4 songs switching places. Also, we don’t have a biggest mover this week, with only a few songs moving up 1 spot. ohmy.gif

We do have 5 new songs this week, and 2 debuts into the top 10. Starting at No. 9 is Son Ho Young’s follow up song "사랑은 이별을 데리고 오다" (Love Brings Separation). His first song "운다" went as high as No. 3, and this song has 2 different versions, with the new version coming from his recently released repackaged Vol. 1 CD. Both versions are receiving a lot of attentions, that’s why it is our highest debut this week. Son Ho Young is not the only G.O.D. members in the top 10, Kim Tae Woo’s "하고싶은 말" (Words That I Want To Say) is 3 spots higher at No. 6.

Also debuting into the top 10 is another follow up song. DBSG’s "풍선" replaces their old hit "오-정반합" at No. 10. It was disappointing that "오-정반합" did not hit No. 1 on our chart, let see if this new song can do better.

Coming in at No. 15 is veteran male singer-songwriter Lee Seung Hwan’s "어떻게사랑이그래요" (How Can Love Be That Way?). Lee, who divorced actress Chae Rim last year, hasn’t released a new album in a few years. This time he comes back with a sad ballad that’s vintage to his style. From the song title, I wonder if he’s talking about the relationship with his ex-wife. unsure.gif

Following Lee Seung Hwan is the long awaited return from SS501. Their song "Unlock" is at No. 16 this week. SS501 won the best new artist awards in many ceremonies last year (including here in soompi), and they had 2 hit songs "Snow Prince" and "Fighter" early this year. Now they officially released their 1st full album with the title song "Unlock", which is a rock-dance combination type of song. This song perhaps has the best potential to move up fast among all new entries.

The last debut song is from the female R&B trio Gavy NJ. "그녀가울고있네요" (She’s Crying) is the title song from the 2nd album "The Very Surprised". With the huge success of similar style groups like See Ya and Brown Eyed Girls this year, Gavy NJ have a lot of catch ups to do. They get off to a good start, considering that they have not yet come out to perform on gayo shows but still this song has already made it into our top 20.

To listen to the 1 minute sample, you need to follow the links to and install the melon player to your computer. After that, click on the song title to listen.

1. (–) Sung Shi Kyung – 거리에서 (On the Street) *** 5 WEEKS No. 1 ***
Genre: Pop Ballad
Album: Sung Shi Kyung Vol. 5 Track 1 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on Sung Si-kyung’s fifth album titled "The Ballads," this song displays a new vocalism by uniquely using the falsetto. Its lyrics, written by Yoon Jong-shin, are about a man walking the street that holds precious memories of his lover from whom he has just separated. It is a Sung Si-kyung style ballad song displaying his gentle tone and vocals. Sung Si-kyung’s kissing scene with a Japanese actress was the highlight of the music video.

IPB Image Music + Lyrics: Yoon Jong Shin
Score: 870

2. (+1) MC Mong – 아이스크림 (Ice-cream)
Genre: Hip-hop
Album: MC Mong Vol. 3 Track 2 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on MC Mong’s 3rd album titled "The way I am," it is a fast tempo hip-hop song with a strong instrumental sound. MC Mong wrote the lyrics, which express the heart of women who feel resentment at quick love comparing it with ice-cream that melts easily. MC Mong plays the role of a nice but unemployed person in the music video.

IPB Image Music: Kim Gun Woo / Lyrics: MC Mong
Score: 757

3. (-1) Lee Seung Chul – 소리쳐 (Screaming)
Genre: Pop Ballad
Album: Lee Seung Chul Vol. 8 Track 2 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on Lee Seung-chul’s eighth album titled "Reflection of Sound," this medium tempo ballad song nicely blends a poignant melody with Lee Seung-chul’s unique vocals. Its simple lyrics and melody delivers the true meaning of love with which we can all empathize.

IPB Image Music + Lyrics: Hyun Jin Young
Score: 723

4. (–) Se7en – 라 라 라 (La La La)
Genre: R&B Ballad
Album: Se7en Vol. 4 Track 3 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: The title song of Se7en’s 4th album. Teddy of One Time wrote the song and lyrics, and it is a 4-beat medium tempo pop ballad. Starting out with a rough and mature tone quality, the song slowly moves onto Se7en’s signature sweet voice. The vocal scheme is dreamy and it goes well with the emotional melodies. The lyrics about waiting for a woman whose having a difficult time over another man, will linger in your mind.

IPB Image Music + Lyrics: Teddy
Score: 697

5. (–) ERU (feat. Daylight) – 까만안경 (Black Glasses)
Genre: Pop Ballad
Album: ERU Vol. 2 Track 1 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on Eru’s second album, this song was written by composer Yoon Myung-sun. It is a sentimental ballad song which talks about separation between lovers through the lyrics. Singer Daylight also features in the song. As a highlight, actor Ahn Sung-ki makes his first appearance ever in a music video. Along with him are actress Lee Young-ah and SS501’s Kim Hyun-joong who also play leading roles.

IPB Image Music + Lyrics: Yoon Myung Sun
Score: 681

6. (+1) Kim Tae Woo – 하고싶은 말 (Words That I Want To Say)
Genre: Pop Ballad
Album: Kim Tae Woo Vol. 1 Track 4 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: The title song of the album of the same title, “I want to Say,” Kim Tae-woo’s special solo album. Kim Tae-woo, the vocal of the popular group god, has a solo album whose title song is “I want to say,’ which is a pop ballad sung in a moderated voice. You’ll hear the essence of Kim Tae-woo’s singing and his husky voice, as he sings about a couple missing the time when they used to be with each other.

IPB Image Music: Kim Tae Woo / Lyrics: Lee Hyun Seung
Score: 635

7. (-1) Bi – I’m Coming (feat. Tablo)
Genre: Dance
Album: Bi Vol. 4 Track 2 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on Bi’s 4th album titled "Rain’s World," this song was written by Park Jin-young who is working as a talented music producer in America. Its repetitive electronic sound and hip-hop rhythm are in perfect harmony with Rain’s more refined vocals. The song added a more hip-hop feel thanks to the rap featuring Tablo. The dance for this song was arranged by famous choreographers Rich and AJ who have worked with Usher, Madonna, and Aaliyah.

IPB Image Music + Lyrics: Park Jin Young
Score: 617

8. (–) Jang Yoon Jung – 이따,이따요 (Later, Later)
Genre: Trot
Album: Jang Yoon Jung Vol. 3 Track 1 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

edward1849: Featured on Jang Yoon Jung’s 3rd album “Later, Later”. This song is different from all her other hit songs she has made in the past. The song is very modern temp/bounce as we will be able to feel in the lyrics. The song is about a woman who is very impatient when it comes to love. She falls in love with a man because of his appearance and her heart wants to love him. This song is very genuine and refreshing just like Jang Yoon Jung’s image.

IPB Image Music + Lyrics: Park Jin Hyung
Score: 550

9. (New) Son Ho Young – 사랑은 이별을 데리고 오다 (Love Brings Separation) *** HOT SHOT DEBUT ***
Genre: Pop Ballad
Album: Son Ho Young Vol. 1 Track 4 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: From Son Ho-young’s 1st solo album, "YES." The lyrics of the medium-tempo ballad was written by Son Ho-young, himself, and the heart-breaking melody and lyrics are extraordinary. Sohn Ho-young starred in the music video, and the much talked-about underwater kissing scene is about longing and sadness of Son Ho-young’s character for his dead girlfriend.

IPB Image Music: Lee Hyun Wook / Lyrics: Son Ho Young
Score: 479

10. (New) DBSG – 풍선 (Balloons)
Genre: Pop / Dance
Album: DBSG Vol. 3 Track 11 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Song included in DBSG’s 3rd album "O-Union." Balloons is a remake of the huge hit song of the popular 80’s group Five Fingers, and the new version has a color of its own. With new arrangements and DBSG’s unique harmony, the song is expected to be another hit with fans. The music video shows the cute and adorable side of the DBSG’s members and it goes well with the song.

IPB Image Music: Kim Sung Ho / Lyrics: Lee Doo Hun
Score: 477

11. (–) Jang Woo Hyuk (feat. Esther) – 폭풍속으로 (One Way)
Genre: Hip-hop / Dance
Album: Jan Woo Hyuk Vol. 2 Track 4 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Title song from Jang Woo-hyuk’s 2nd album, "My Way." This is a hip-hop dance song that combines the featured singing of renown singer Esther and Jang Woo-hyuk’s powerful rap. Explosive sound is the result of fusing hip-hop dance beats with rock, and the 1st-person perspective music video, which makes the viewer feel in sync with Jang Woo-hyuck, is attracting a lot of attention.

IPB Image Music: Park Jang Geun / Lyrics: Min Yong Sik
Score: 466

12. (-2) Hong Kyung Min – 사랑,참… (A Thing Called Love)
Genre: Pop Ballad
Album: Hong Kyung Min Vol. 7 Track 5 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on Hong Kyung-min’s 7th album titled "Evolution of Rhythm," this song is written by a hit-maker Jun Hae-sung. Unlike his previous ballad, it displays a unique composition along with Hong kyung-min’s rough vocalism. Actress Choi Jung-yoon who starred in a drama with Hong kyung-min plays the main role in the music video.

IPB Image Music + Lyrics: Jun Hae Sung
Score: 417

13. (–) Jaurim – You and Me
Genre: Rock
Album: Jaurim Vol. 6 Track 4 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on Jaurim’s 6th album titled "ashes to ahes," this medium tempo song was written by Jaurim’s vocalist Kim Yuna. She also wrote the lyrics, which talks about a relationship between lovers. This song not only displays each member’s individual instrumental play but also a solo electronic drum and keyboard. The music video also portrays Jaurim’s typical dream-like and gloomy style.

IPB Image Music + Lyrics: Kim Yoon Ah
Score: 407

14. (-5) Koyote – I Love Rock & Roll
Genre: Pop / Dance
Album: Koyote Vol. 9 Track 1 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on Koyote’s ninth album titled "London Koyote," this song blends a rock & roll melody that is familiar to Korean listeners with a particularly heavy blues rhythm. Joo Young-hoon wrote the song while Shinji wrote the lyrics. Kim Jong-min’s fascinating low-toned voice is in perfect harmony with Shinji’s playful vocals.

IPB Image Music: Joo Young Hoon / Lyrics: Shin Ji
Score: 406

15. (New) Lee Seung Hwan – 어떻게사랑이그래요 (How Can Love Be That Way?)
Genre: Pop Ballad
Album: Lee Seung Hwan Vol. 9 Track 4 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

edward1849: Featured on Lee Seung Hwan’s 9th album titled "Hwantastic", this song is a vintage sad ballad that Lee Seung Hwan is famous for. Rumor has that this is Lee Seung Hwan’s last album. Fans should not miss the "fantastic" songs of this album.

Music + Lyrics: Lee Seung Hwan
Score: 392

16. (New) SS501 – Unlock
Genre: Pop / Dance
Album: SS 501 Vol. 1 Track 3 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

edward1849: Featured on SS501’s 1st full album titled "SS501 S.T 01 NOW", this song is a combination of dance and rock music. "Unlock" present all five members’ individual image and color. Inside their smoothness they have strength and inside their strengths, they have a precise feel to themselves.

Music: Cha Sang Min / Lyrics: Kim Tae Hyun
Score: 388

17. (-3) Nell – 마음을잃다 (Losing one’s mind)
Genre: Rock
Album: Nell Vol. 3 Track 8 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV:Featured on NELL’s third album titled "Healing Process," this modern rock-band discovered by Seo Taiji holds emotional melody and unique vocals. Vocalist Kim Jong-wan’s poignant vocals and orchestral play provide a magnificent sound. The lyrics express the difficulty of forgetting a past lover due to many wonderful memories together.

IPB Image Music + Lyrics: Kim Jong Wan
Score: 361

18. (+1) Lee Jung Hyun – 철수야 사랑해 (I Love You Chul Soo)
Genre: Pop / Dance
Album: :Lee Jung Hyun Vol. 6 Track 4 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

Arirang TV: Featured on Lee Jung-hyun’s 6th album titled "Fantastic Girl," this dance song which blends a punky sound with interesting lyrics is written by hit-producer, Yoon Il-sang. This song is a comical story of a girl missing bad-boy Chul-soo among seven men she’s dated. Lee Jung-hyun plays the seven different characters including a cheerleader, teacher, and waitress.

IPB Image Music: Choi Joon Young / Lyrics: Yoo Ta
Score: 354

19. (New) Gavy NJ – 그녀가울고있네요 (She’s Crying)
Genre: R&B Ballad
Album: Gavy NJ Vol. 2 Track 1 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

edward1849: Featured on Gavy NJ’s 2nd album titled "The Very Surprised". This song is a mid-tempo R&B ballad that all 3 members harmonized very well.

Music + Lyrics: Kim Se Jin
Score: 337

20. (-4) Big Mama – Never Mind
Genre: R&B mid-tempo
Album: Big Mama Vol. 3 Track 3 – Listen here for 1 minute sample

edward1849: Featured on Big Mama’s 3rd album titled "For The People". "Never Mind" is a very energetic song that is filled with encouraging messages. Big Mama members will individually show their own style of music/singing. "Never Mind" is a very airy song that will have the people go on a journey from the start to end of the song. As you listen to the song, you’ll be able to get into the rhythm. It’s a fast upbeat song. "Never mind" was produced by ‘Lee Hyun-Jung, who also produced "Break Away" (2003) and "Woman" (2005).

IPB Image
Score: 324

Dropped out from last week: sad.gif
12. DBSG – 오-정반합 (O-Union)
15. The Name – 사랑은… (Love Is)
17. Oh Jong Hyuk – 죽을만큼… (Deadly)
18. Kan Mi Youn – 옛날여자 (Woman in the Past)
20. Big Bang – La La La

Sources of the top 20

The sources of this top 20 chart are pretty much the same, but the weight assigned to each source may be different each week because some charts do not update weekly (e.g. MNet M!Countdown) and I assign fewer percentage when it happens. From now on, I’ll list my chart sources each week. For December week 1:

ChartKorea – 20%
Hanteo Weekly Album Sales (2 weeks lag) – 20%
MNet M!Countdown + MaxMP3 chart – 20%
SBS Inky Gayo Take 7 Chart (1 week lag) – 15%
Various Internet charts (Melon, Jukeon, Dosirak, Muz, Bugs, SBS Music Park, Hanteo Gayo Chart, Ohdio) – 15%
MTV Korea – Artist & Music Charts – 5%
Gasoo appearance on gayo shows (MBC Music Core, SBS Inky Gayo, KBS Music Bank, MTV Top Choices, MTV Breakfast Club, Show! Music Tank, Pops In Seoul) – 5%